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Story Posted on 14-05-2017


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Housing, Migration, Cities

All that India needs to build incredible cities of the future

If all citizens get is a concentration camp akin to living by drains and sewers, it is an unforgivable failure of state duty, besides increasing health and crime hazards.


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Hinduism, Religion, Spirituality

Why spirituality does not need religion

It is important to remind ourselves time and again of the inherent sanctity of human life and the glue that binds us all together.


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India-Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, Ummer Fayaz

What New Delhi must learn about Kashmir from Lieutenant Ummer Fayaz's murder

Our problem in the Valley has not just been losing out on the gains garnered repeatedly, but also losing the media space to militants.


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Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP, Narmada Seva Yatra

By inviting PM Modi for Narmada Seva Yatra, who does Shivraj Singh Chouhan think he's fooling?

For those who can see through the smokescreen of the state-funded publicity blitz, many uncomfortable questions remain unanswered.


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Consumerism, Motherhood, Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day gone wrong

When life gives them lemon, mothers usually have to make lemonade for a thirsty child.


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Mothers, New York, Mother's Day

The Nosy Anthropologist finds out what New Yorkers feel about their mothers

They love you, they hate the things you do, but that's who they are: moms.


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Dilp ghosh, Imam Barkati, West Bengal

How the communal twins, Imam Barkati and Dilip Ghosh, are polarising West Bengal

The confrontationist Hindu and Muslim 'warriors' are cut from the same cloth.


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Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Line of control, Pakistan

Why no one talks about the miserable lives of civilians on the LoC

Their frequent cross-border firing rarely get the attention they deserve.


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Pakistan, China, CPEC, Belt and Road Forum

Why India won’t be attending the Belt and Road Forum in China

India cannot endorse CPEC as it runs through Pakistan occupied Kashmir.


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Mother's Day, Motherhood, Shakti

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the auspiciousness of Shakti

Only when we cherish, nurture and sanctify the Divine feminine energy will any true peace and healing be possible for humanity.