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Story Posted on 16-05-2017


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P Chidambaram, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Narendra Modi

Are the income tax raids on Lalu, Chidambaram an attempt to silence the Opposition?

Predictably, Opposition parties are crying foul over facing the full wrath of the law.


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3 Years of Modi, Governance, Narendra Modi

3 years of Modi sarkar: Opposition decimated, but governance remains a mixed bag

The Prime Minister has reason to be more than satisfied with his first three years in office.


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GST, BJP, Indian Economy, Narendra Modi

3 years of Modi sarkar: A look at the big ticket economic reforms

GST, lower inflation, steady growth rate, bankruptcy law are some of the feathers in this government's cap.


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3 Years of Modi, Congress, Modi government

What three years as PM should teach Modi sarkar

In for yet another PR drive on its third anniversary in power, his government must remain mindful of where it has failed to deliver.


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CPEC, India-Pakistan war, Kulbhushan Jadhav

Will Jadhav's execution trigger India-Pakistan war or race for abduction of soldiers?

The ball is firmly placed in Pakistan's court.


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AIMPLB, Kapil Sibal, Triple Talaq

Triple talaq: Is appeasing Muslim patriarchy the sole purpose of AIMPLB and Kapil Sibal?

Women are suddenly worried their 'victory' might reduce them to pawns in the passage of Uniform Civil Code.


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India-Pakistan ties, OBOR, Balochistan

India rightly boycotted OBOR, must use Balochistan to tackle Pakistan

China pressed India to join the One Belt, One Road project knowing fully well it violates Indian sovereignty in PoK.


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Corruption, Kapil Mishra, Arvind Kejriwal, AAP

It is time for Arvind Kejriwal to come out and address the corruption charges

The man who is quick to point fingers at others over corruption, is maintaining a staunch silence.


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India-China Relations, Paris agreement, Climate change

Will Modi-Adani-coal nexus stall India's climate change battle?

If we go ahead and construct the 370 planned coal power plants, the share of fossil fuels in our energy budget would increase by 123 per cent.


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Income Tax, CBI, Benami Property, P Chidambaram

Why Centre’s income tax raids are not likely to stop with Lalu, Chidambaram

Finance Act 2017 practically ushered in ‘inspector raj’ when it handed over immense powers to I-T officials.