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Story Posted on 22-05-2017


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Arundhati Roy, Paresh Rawal, Indian Army

Paresh Rawal not only insulted Arundhati Roy in the tweet but Indian Army too

When the BJP MP advocates for a cowardly action of using citizens as humans shields, he violates the moral project that is India.


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Android, Leaked images, Nokia 9

Here's what online leaks tell us about the yet-to-launch Nokia 9

Reports say the flagship device will come at a hefty price of 749 euros, roughly Rs 54,000.


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Mumbai Indians, IPL 2017

How Mumbai Indians managed to become the IPL champion for the third time

The team did not exactly inspire confidence half-way into the final.


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Sedition, Kashmir, Arundhati Roy, Paresh Rawal

What did Arundhati Roy say on Kashmir that prompted Paresh Rawal's obnoxious tweet?

The BJP MP and Bollywood actor said the Booker-winning writer should be tied to an Army jeep.


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Bihar, Yogi Adityanath, Lalu Prasad

Will it be Lalu Prasad versus Yogi Adityanath in Bihar?

Lalu's role is crucial to opposition unity. Hence, the BJP has decided to take him head on.


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Kerala, Crime Against Women, Sexual Abuse, Women

'Rape' survivor chops off godman's genitals: Questions to ask parents

Almost all reports suggest the mother was party to the crime.


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Cheating, Extramarital affairs, Arranged Marriage

Why must you cheat when you can have an open relationship?

When we begin to know the difference between love and lust, we can accept the fact that lust is primal and instinctive.


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Railways fare hike, Tejas express, Indian Railways

Railways' plan to hike lower berth fare for trains signals demise of a rich culture

Putting a price-tag on it will certainly deprive the last vestiges of generosity community-travelling has had to offer.


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Yogi Adityanath, BJP-ruled states, Jharkhand lynching

Lynchings and hate crimes: Modi and BJP's mask is finally off

The most telling thing is the circumspect silence maintained by leaders of note.


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Security, Update, IOS 10

What Apple customers must know before firing up latest iOS update

This lightweight version of IOS 10.3.2 ranges between 150-200MB depending on the user's device.