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Story Posted on 31-05-2017


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Judiciary, National Animal, Rajasthan, Holy Cow

Rajasthan HC judge saying peacocks don't have sex is proof cow politics is highly scientific

All doctors are frauds and we could have all been cured of diseases with nothing more than cow’s milk.


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High Courts, Indian Judiciary

Why the Indian Republic is in crisis

How are our most important institutions performing under the Modi government?


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Cow, High Courts, Rajasthan

Why Rajasthan HC Judge's order on making cow the national animal is judiciary overstepping its domain

The curious case of cow politics in India took yet another turn today.


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BJP, Delhi assembly, Kapil Mishra

Political implications for AAP over Kapil Mishra’s thrashing

His political acceptance within the saffron party will get traction only after the courts respond favourably to his charges against AAP.


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Tomato, Chef, Vegan

Chef Alain Passard on why we should go vegetarian

The famous French chef has been one of the earliest advocates of vegetarianism.


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Zika, Airlines, IndiGo

Why IndiGo's pest control methods for planes don't fly with India's health

The airlines has urged the NGT to let it spray pesticides while passengers are on board.


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Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar

What happens when you drop Sachin Tendulkar from all-time playing XI?

It’s bad enough not including him in your all-time Test XI, but to exclude him from an all-time ODI XI, defies all logic.


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Kashmir, Indian Army, Farooq Dar, Human Shield

What I learnt about Kashmir after briefly meeting Indian Army's human shield

Women in Farooq Ahmad Dar's village feel the Valley is cursed and the suffering of the people will never end.


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Narendra Modi, Bihar, Nitish Kumar

Truth about Nitish Kumar and Modi is far from simple

BJP sees a silver lining in the fact that the Bihar CM has distanced himself from corruption charges against Lalu Yadav.


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Liberals, Left, Right, India

Hindutva is ugly, Hinduism is beautiful. Don't let the bigot fool you

It is the coming of age of the silent majority.