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Story Posted on 13-06-2017


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BJP, Demonetisation, Currency, Rs 500

10 exciting features of the new 'new Rs 500' note

It's actually a secret assassin that kills all other kind of cash in your wallet.


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Indian National Army, General Bipin Rawat, General

Army chief General Bipin Rawat is being unfairly targeted

When he says people must fear the Army, we shouldn't read between the lines.


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Dog Wedding, Devanshi, Colors, Indian TV

Man marries dog. Indian TV soap's twist will leave animal lovers whimpering

Implied bestiality is no big deal.


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Modi, AYUSH, BJP, Pregnancy

Sex and non-veg? Government has some needless advice for pregnant women

Ayush ministry's misleading advisory can seriously affect the health of both mothers and unborn babies.


 |  10-minute read
NRIs, BJP, Hindutva, Hinduism

Beware of the rise of Hindu supremacists in America

Is there a progressive Hindu counter-narrative to the one propagated by supremacists and ultra-nationalists?


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Northeast, Beef Ban, Beef politics, BJP

BJP’s plan to win Northeast over is not going well

Beef ban and politics is drawing heat from various political quarters.


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Terrorism, H1Bvisa, Modi-Trump meet

Everybody loves to compare Modi with Trump

It remains to be seen what kind of treatment the Indian prime minister gets from the US president during their June 26 meet.


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Mamata Banerjee, Bangla, Protests, Darjeeling

Why Gorkhaland protests are more than just about the imposition of Bangla

Mamata Banerjee's attempts to mollify protesters has boomeranged.


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Loan waiver, Agrarian crisis

How farm loan waivers helped politicians reap a rich harvest

If all the states waived off the debt, it will cost the country Rs 3 lakh crore.


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Climate change, H1B Visa, Modi, Trump

What will they talk about when Modi and Trump meet later this month?

The POTUS is scheduled to have his first in-person bilateral meet with the PM on June 26, after a controversial walkout from the Paris Climate accord.