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Story Posted on 23-06-2017


 |  Paradigm shift  |  7-minute read
International Yoga Day, Health, Yoga

Yoga is more than just hitting the mat

Its essence really needs to be understood to avail of its real benefits.


 |  5-minute read
Aung San Suu Kyi, Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize

Hypocrisy of awarding Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama and Aung San Suu Kyi

The Nobel panel demonstrated the lack of foresight and thoroughly erred in choosing two personalities for a great honour.


 |  2-minute read
Display, Camera, Do not buy, Android

3 reasons you shouldn't buy OnePlus 5

Don't fall for the gushing reviews.


 |  3-minute read
Kindness, Vacation, Strangers

What I learnt about the kindness of rank strangers on a trip to the hills

I began mapping the exit routes, but I was in for a surprise.


 |  2-minute read
Twitter, Kabir Khan, Salman Khan, Tubelight

People throw bulbs on Salman Khan's Tubelight on Twitter

Just pay heed to Bhai and 'don't waste your time on these bakwass things'.


 |  3-minute read
Mohammed Ayub Pandith, Kashmir police, Jammu and Kashmir

Mohammed Ayub Pandith's lynching shows it's police versus locals in Kashmir

The narrative in the Valley seems to be anti-police and locals seem to be forced to change their stance.


 |  1.55 minutes watch-minute read
Donald Trump, PM Narendra Modi

Can Modi convince Trump to rein in Pakistan?

PM and US President will clash on several issues including climate change and H1B visas for skilled workers.


 |  5-minute read
Ram Nath Kovind, Meira Kumar, 2017 Presidential Elections

Presidential elections 2017: Ram Nath Kovind vs Meira Kumar rekindles Andhra-Telangana divide

The former Lok Sabha Speaker presided over the acrimonious bifurcation debate in Lok Sabha on February 13, 2014.


 |  5-minute read
Dalits, BJP, Meira Kumar, Congress

When BJP's Ram Nath Kovind defeats Opposition's Meira Kumar in Presidential race

The real battle would be which side is able to eat into the rival's side and to what extent.


 |  Rough Cut  |  3-minute read
Salman Khan, Tubelight

Salman Khan's Tubelight is Bajrangi Bhaijaan goes to China

Director Kabir Khan asks difficult questions in very intolerant times.