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Story Posted on 05-07-2017


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Himalayas, India-China Relations, Tibet

How climate is betrayed as India-China spar over the high Himalayas

This article has been co-authored by Prem Poddar and Lisa Lindkvist Zhang.


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Privatisation, NITI Aayog, Air India

Air India has no future unless the government decides to clear the runway

Unbundling all the key operations of the national carrier is the best way to ascertain its value.


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Sikhism, Patwant Singh, Khushwant Singh, Sikhs

Why global Sikh community needs to control its narrative

It needs a new breed of Khushwant and Patwant Singhs.


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India-China Ties, India-China Ties, Bhutan

Sikkim standoff: Why China is trying to bully India

New Delhi has to protect Bhutan's interest and shouldn't get intimated by Beijing's belligerent stance.


 |  Gulp Fiction  |  5-minute read
Infidelity, Marriage, The Nothing, Hanif Kureishi

Love, sex and nothing in Hanif Kureishi's new novella

A tightly wound drama of lust and betrayal, the book renders neither a tragedy nor a farce.


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Maharashtra, Rape, Crime Against Women, BJP

Women's safety takes a beating with the likes of BJP leader forcibly kissing 19-year-old

Indian politicians have an extensive history of exploiting the vulnerable and marginalised.


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Wannacry, Petya, Windows 10, Windows XP

Will Microsoft face the brunt of ransomware attack that hit Indian users?

Government wants the Silicon Valley giant to offer Windows 10 OS 'at throw away prices' to millions of users in the country.


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Tax Evasion, GST

GST will definitely reduce incidents of tax evasion by small players

Currently, many traders sell items without a bill.


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Space research, PSLV, GSLV MarkIII

How India is poised to become a bigger player in space technology

Making the most of India's march towards advance capability with GSLV Mark III.


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Relationships, Men, India, Quora

Indians on Quora are asking some troubling questions about sex on wedding night

Over the years, sex has become less taboo. Or so we would like to believe in metropolitan cities with elite privileges like privacy.