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Story Posted on 12-07-2017


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Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Jagga jasoos

Decoding Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif's off-screen relationship

Cold vibes.


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Bajrang Dal, Muslim cleric assaulted, Hindutva

Bajrang Dal goons assaulting Muslim cleric to ‘protest’ Amarnath Yatra terror attack is disgusting

There is no fear of law among the Hindutva apparatchik, who have taken communal vigilantism to a new low.


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Art, Mary Singh, Mansimran Singh, Andretta Pottery studio

India’s best-known potters, Mansimran and Mary Singh, wonder about the future of their art

Under an overcast sky, they talk of Andretta, the artists’ village nestled in picturesque Himachal Pradesh.


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Crime Against Women, Women, Uber

Indian women aren't safe in Uber. How a trip scarred me for life

Every time I shut my eyes, my mind kept going back to the moment the driver stopped the car.


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Team India, Coach, Coach

Virat Kohli wanted Ravi Shastri as coach, he got him

The captain would be particularly pleased that Zaheer Khan is the bowling coach and Rahul Dravid is the batting consultant on international tours.


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Indian media, Public Relations, Journalism

Don't ask why the annoying PR person calls the journalist at 7am

It is not what you think.


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BJP, JD(U), RJD, Bihar

8 questions Nitish Kumar must answer

The Bihar CM enjoys a taint-free image so far and is known as 'Mr Clean'.


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Abhinav Bindra, Vijay Goel, Kanchanmala Pande, Para-Athlete

Shame! Indian sports committees left para-athlete to beg in Germany

The government money sanctioned to swimmer Kanchanmala Pande and others for official tour did not reach them.


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Menstruation, Sanitary napkins, GST

GST on sanitary napkins: Does Indian government think period blood is a luxury?

Women, after all, do not choose to menstruate.


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Twitter, Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir, Rajnath Singh

Praising Rajnath Singh for ‘Kashmiriyat’ tweet is overdone. It’s his job

Though the Union home minister maintained calm in the face of provocation, the security concerns can’t be sidestepped.