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Story Posted on 15-08-2017


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Red fort, Speech, Modi, Independence Day

PM Modi's Independence Day speech: What worked, what didn't

'Oratory is a skill that can turn a commoner into a king.'


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Independence Day, Freedom of Speech, Bigotry, Humans of Hindutva

India at 70: Humans of Hindutva founder on ripping apart bigotry

We need to remember that a truly independent country always has room for multiple voices.


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Floods, National Flag, Independence Day, Assam

Tricolour hoisted in flooded Assam school is the defining image of Independence Day 2017

A picture can convey a thousand beautiful sentiments.


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Marital Rape, Jyoti Singh, Women's Rights, 70th Independence Day

India at 70: Where Indian women stand today

If women’s groups have consistently fought for change, the Indian State has not covered itself in glory where women are concerned.


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Indians, Modi, Independence Day

PM Modi gave an inspiring Independence Day speech

It is time we reflect upon responsibilities in our different capacities.


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Kashmir, Speech, Narendra Modi, 70th Independence Day

Independence Day speech shows PM Modi's 'New India' has no place for inconvenient truths

All is well.


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BJP, Patriotism, Constitution, Nationalism

Don't let the love for your country make you sound like a fool

By forcing people to shout what are considered patriotic slogans, our misguided enthusiasts undermine the very foundation of patriotism.


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Hindutva, RSS, Narendra Modi, Independence Day

India at 70: Are we becoming a Hindu Rashtra?

The idea of India as conceived by our freedom fighters was never to let it become a Hindu Pakistan.


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ICC, BCCI, Cricket, India-Sri Lanka

Why India playing Sri Lanka on a loop is someone’s idea of a sick joke

And it’s beyond funny, it’s nauseating. But what can you do other than not watching?


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Hindu Rashtra, Democracy, Narendra Modi, Independence Day

Why I'm not celebrating Independence Day in Modi's India

Under the prime minister's stewardship, a secular India is now veering towards a Hindu India.