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Story Posted on 17-08-2017


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Tricolour, Instagram, Troll, Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra doesn't care about trolls shaming her for wearing a tricolour scarf

She may be a soft target, but it's not going to matter to her.


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Webseries, Parambrata Chatterjee, Satyajit Ray, Feluda webseries

Will Parambrata's Feluda make us kiss goodbye to Satyajit Ray's sleuth?

Bengali actor of Kahaani fame is directing the first season of the webseries on one of India's most-loved detectives.


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Flag code violation, National Anthem, Darul Uloom, Mohan Bhagwat

When Mohan Bhagwat and Darul Uloom shared a national anthem violation

Will either violator be punished?


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Mehbooba Mufti, PDP-BJP, Kashmir crisis

Kashmir crisis is ultimately PDP’s loss and BJP’s gain

Alliance partner has made it a point to counter CM Mehbooba Mufti's concerns with the cry of 'pseudo nationalism'.


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The Robot, Enthiran, 2.0, Kabali

Like Rajinikanth jokes, the superstar too is getting old and repetitive

Thalaiva's fans will be livid to hear this, but their hero needs to start essaying characters closer to his age.


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BJP, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Floods, Patriotism

The real story behind flooded Assam school hoisting national flag

There was a recurrent theme in all the pictures - bearded men in skull caps or checkered lungis or kurta and pajamas rolled up until their knees.


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Mental Health, Kerala, Suicide, Blue whale challenge

Why we can't ignore the threat of Blue Whale Challenge

The dangerous game may have claimed yet another life.


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Hadiya, NIA, Supreme Court, Love Jihad

Supreme Court ordering NIA to ‘probe’ Kerala woman’s conversion to Islam is insulting

How can the court not respect women’s autonomy in choosing their religion, spouse and other matters of private decision-making?


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Air Pollution, Vehicle insurance, Supreme Court, Road Accidents

Supreme Court's views on pollution control are disastrous

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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Social Media, Hypernationalism, National Flag, Priyanka Chopra

Confused Indians troll Priyanka Chopra for wearing flag - except she wasn't

If PM Narendra Modi can wear a tricoloured scarf, why can't others?