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Story Posted on 15-11-2017


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Smriti Irani, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Goddess Durga, Sexy Durga

Naming the film 'Sexy Durga' was wrong. It was asking for trouble

Filmmakers choose controversial names for a brief popularity ride.


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Literature, Amazon Prime Video, George Saunders, Sea Oak

Sea Oak is another example of how TV shows are turning to literature

While Amazon debuted the TV adaptation of George Saunders' short story, Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace is being adapted as Netflix series.


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Patriarchy, Women, Kerala

What non-Malayalis don't get about Kerala

[Book excerpt] It is indubitably a good aberration in modern India.


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Smart Earbuds, Pixel Buds, Smart wearables, Smartwatch

Why smart earbuds are here to stay

Owing to their small form, devices like the Pixel Buds will greatly influence the future of the tech industry.


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Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia, King Salman

Is Prince Salman destabilising Saudi Arabia?

Muhammad bin Salman has taken some important decisions since coming to power; we believe there is method to the madness.


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Women, Feminism, Cornelia Sorabji

Behind India's first woman lawyer, Cornelia Sorabji

It is easy to co-opt her into the role of a committed feminist who changed women’s lives but to do so would likely be to flatten the many layers of her personality.


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BJP, Sex tape, Gujarat Polls, Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel 'sex CD' - who would benefit from such depravity?

The prospect of gaining electoral profit from this 'gunpowder plot' – with ammunition photo-shopped, or otherwise - is too tempting.


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Modi government, Bihar, BJP, Nitish Kumar

4 times BJP has snubbed Nitish Kumar in 4 months of ruling Bihar

The nature of the humiliation has changed.


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Padmavati row: Deepika Padukone is right. India has indeed regressed as a nation

With I&B ministry pulling out jury-selected films and BJP leaders 'joining hands' with Karni Sena to wreck a period movie, the rot is evident.


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Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Padmavati, Sujoy Ghosh, Nude

India needs films like Nude and S Durga. Dropping it from IFFI Panorama is a shame

Those who took the decision may not have watched the movies at all.