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Story Posted on 23-11-2017


 |  7-minute read
Trolls, WhatApp, Social Media, BJP

AAP's social media strategist on how BJP garnered a massive audience online

[Book extract] The most controversial aspect of the party's electoral campaign was the 'trolls'.


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Unsafe schools, Parenting, Child sexual abuse

4-yr-old 'rapes' classmate: 5 reasons why we must all be frightened

There is no one to take responsibility for what happens to your children when they are not under your watch.


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#NGT, Andhra Pradesh, Krishna, Amaravati

Striking at Krishna's floodplains will make proposed Andhra Pradesh capital a doomed city

Amaravati is aimed at creating high-stake infrastructure in areas that are part of the Krishna river.


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Kashmir, India, Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan releasing Hafiz Saeed shows it is back to fomenting trouble in Kashmir

It's unlikely to upset the sense of trust and confidence that the Modi government seems to have regained in the Valley.


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Karma, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Health Ministry, Assam

Did Himanta Biswa Sarma fail science class and other theories why he said sins cause cancer

'Should've known my herpes is courtesy my eating cat meat in my previous life'.


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Narendra Modi, Gujarat Polls, Electronic Voting Machine, EVM tampering

Why do all faulty EVMs malfunction in favour of BJP? Asking for a friend

The final word on the debate has been said: the voting machines are tamper-proof, they just happen to tilt in favour of one party.


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Unsafe campuses, Delhi school, Child sexual abuse

4-yr-old boy booked for raping classmate: Unsafe schools are India's growing nightmare

Instead of knee-jerk reactions, educational institutes need to follow some simple rules and accept responsibility if a crime is committed.


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British empire, Dictatorship, Zimbabwe, British empire

Robert Mugabe: Was he a hero or a villain?

While the former president may have ended white rule in Zimbabwe, his dictatorship has seen many incidents of violence.


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Traffic rules, Varun Dhawan, Selfie, Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police was wrong in pulling up Varun Dhawan. Here’s why

Taking selfies at a traffic signal is not yet a real problem for Mumbai.


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Inclusion, Children, Disability, Special needs

Inclusion is critical in raising children with special needs

My journey as a parent started in 1999, with several difficulties, but it has been a fruitful one.