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Story Posted on 01-12-2017


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GST, Demonetisation, GDP, Growth

Not just 6.3 per cent: Why sustained growth over next two quarters is better sign of GDP revival

The industrial segment is not out of the woods yet, and improvement in manufacturing growth was largely the result of a re-stocking exercise.


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HT Leadership Summit 2017, Harvey Weinstein, Padmavati controversy, Salman Khan

Being candid, not: Salman Khan on Padmavati, sexual harassment and media

One would think that the man who plays roles such as 'Tiger' in reel life may have a little more substance to offer in the real one.


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Congress, Polarisation, BJP, Gujarat Assembly elections

Gujarat polls: Shifting focus from development to Rahul Gandhi's religion is a sign of BJP's desperation

The saffron party is back to basics - religious polarisation - even as the Congress is feeding the religious narrative.


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Zahid Hamid, Blasphemy, Ahmadis, Pakistan

Violent religious protests once again prove democracy is truly dead in Pakistan

Law minister Zahid Hamid has been forced to resign while the government accepted the demands of the hardliners.


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Middle East, Egypt, Kushari

How I fell in love with kushari — Egypt's khichdi — in Cairo

A rather unusual choice for a national dish in a country full of eateries serving kababs, koftas and, ahem, grilled pigeons stuffed with rice.


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Minorities, Muslims, President, United States

Sad India needs Barack Obama to tell us to ‘cherish and nurture’ our Muslims

The 44th President of the United States reiterated his advice from his 2015 Republic Day speech, but things have worsened since then.


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Agenda Aaj Tak 2017, Manushi Chhillar, Miss World

Miss World Manushi Chhillar on Padmavati, Virat Kohli, Shashi Tharoor and her favourite politician

The intelligent and articulate beauty queen spoke of her dream of becoming a cardiac surgeon at Agenda Aaj Tak 2017.


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Cbi court, Media Gag, Amit Shah, Sohrabuddin fake encounter

Ban on media reporting Sohrabuddin encounter case sets a bad precedent

This case doesn't even involve classified documents of the government that are going to be produced before the court.


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Unsafe campuses, Delhi school, Child sexual abuse

Schools refusing admission to 4-year-old 'rape victim' is shameful

The mother alleges school authorities leave children unattended and unsupervised.


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Economy, Construction, Agriculture, Growth

GDP recovering to 6.3% doesn't mean Indian economy is out of the woods

Slow growth in agriculture and construction, which are key drivers of job growth, remains a concern.