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Story Posted on 10-12-2017


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Demonetisation, United Nations, Internally displaced people, Human Rights Day

About time government listens to voices of dissent rather than brand it anti-national

Human rights form the very nucleus of democracy and the raison d'etre of the modern sovereign nation-state.


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Alauddin Khilji, Padmini, Windsor, The Crown

Why the Queen could teach Indian royals a lesson on tolerance

While the English royal family is showing stoicism in the face of The Crown's exposes, royals in India spent months trying to ban a film on a Rajput princess.


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Arctic, Polar bears, Global warming, Wildlife

[Image of the day] An emaciated polar bear is a brutal reality of climate change

Photographer Paul Nicklen called it a 'soul crushing scene that still haunts me'.


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Crimes against Women, Dangal, Zaira Wasim

Actor Zaira Wasim trolled for speaking out against molestation is reason women are unsafe in India

People need to stop shaming women who hit back at sexual harassment.


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Cyberbullying, Facebook, Twitter, Cyber crimes

Porn star August Ames' suicide is a frightening reminder of online abuse

The legal system has failed to catch up with growth in technology.


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Dengue, Medical negligence, Medical ethics, Indian healthcare

Why, despite being a doctor in India, I advised my friend not to return home to practise

Years later, as I look back, I feel I indeed saved a life.


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Love Jihad, Narendra Modi, Rajasthan killing, Mohammad Afrazul

Rajasthan man hacked and burnt alive: Muslims are no longer safe in India

The most important question is why Narendra Modi is ignoring the spate of crimes against minority communities.


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Salman Khan, Bollywood, Bigg Boss 11

Big Boss 11 blog: Salman Khan is right in pulling up Arshi and Vikas

#WeStandByShilpa started trending on Twitter with over 700k tweets.


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Theory of consciousness, Robots, Artificial Intelligence

What is consciousness, and will artificial intelligence become conscious?

This article was written by Subhash Kak, Regents professor of electrical and computer engineering, Oklahoma State University.


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Jennifer Kendal, Prithvi Theatre, Shashi Kapoor

Shashi Kapoor’s power lay in fitting into many different roles, yet remaining uniquely himself

A man who loved life, loved theatre, lived cinema, he spells the real end of an era.