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Story Posted on 12-12-2017


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Sanskar, Manforce, I&B ministry, Condom ads

Best tweets on government banning condom ads during daytime

'Condoms never stood a chance with this govt after they discovered them at JNU.'


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Sanskar, BJP, Jharkhand, Kiss

BJP protesting Jharkhand’s ‘kissing contest’ makes them enemies of love

Is the saffron party's definition of decency harassing the most socioeconomically defenceless members of India?


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Gujarat Polls, Narendra Modi, Mushrooms, Alpesh Thakor

When Alpesh Thakor talking about Modi eating Rs 80,000-worth mushrooms trended on Twitter

What really matters is a wonderful sound bite.


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Udumalpet, Tirupur, Dalits

Tirupur verdict: Court has honoured murdered Dalit youth Sankar's memory

His death was an affirmation of the fact that beneath the veneer of a progressive state, Tamil Nadu remains wedded to caste.


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Gujarat Polls, Amit Shah, Modi, Yogi Adityanath

Why Amit Shah called Yogi Adityanath to PM Modi's rescue in Gujarat

The UP chief minister's presence reflects how the party's hell-bent on forging a Hindu-Muslim divide.


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BJP, Gujarat Polls, Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Main challenges for Rahul Gandhi as Congress president

His re-energised version now must help his party recover its lost cadre base and local-meets-national narrative.


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Salman Khan, Entertainment, Bollywood, Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11: 5 contestants who should not be thrown out, but will be

Hina Khan's situation at present is vulnerable, unless she joins hands with Vikas.


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Sex Education, Safe sex, I&B ministry, Condom ads

Why I&B ministry's no condom ads between 6am and 10pm on TV decision is not entirely wrong

We're making brilliant, sexualised ads while ignoring the grave necessity of normalising condoms in India.


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Bollywood, Hindi, Songs, Hindi film music

It's heartbreaking that we don't honour Bollywood music enough

The film industry has made India proud.


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Diet, Nutrition, Health

The essential nutrient no one talks about: enzymes

They are critical for our very existence.