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Story Posted on 15-12-2017


 |  6-minute read
Supreme Court, NDA Government, Transgender Bill 2016

Why activists want Transgender Bill 2016 to be struck down

The community feels it will destroy their livelihoods and break their families.


 |  4-minute read
Forced conversions, Hindutva, Madhya Pradesh, Priests detained

Priests detained in MP shows minorities are suffering blow after blow in India

A group of priests and carol singers were held on the complaint of a Hindu right wing group.


 |  The Other  |  3-minute read
Hindustani, Hindutva, Constitution, Urdu

BSP corporator booked for taking oath in Urdu shows Hindutva is the only language BJP speaks

Urdu was born as a language of the commoner in India, but today, like the Taj Mahal, it has become Muslim.


 |  4-minute read
Rape, Porn star, Bengaluru, MG Road

Why protest against Sunny Leone's performance in Bangalore is shameful

The MG Road incident happened because we continue to indulge in victim blaming and shaming.


 |  2-minute read
Mr India, Mr India World, Jitesh Singh Deo

Who is Jitesh Singh Deo, Mr India World 2017?

Unlike Anil Kapoor’s character from the 1987 film, this Mr India is not going out of sight any time soon.


 |  3-minute read
Internet, Ajit Pai, FCC, US

Why are people saying 'net neutrality is dead' in United States?

The US FCC, on December 14, approved the rescinding of the net neutrality guidelines it had imposed under the Barack Obama administration in 2015.


 |  Bite Soldier  |  10-minute read
Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, India Today-Axis My India exit polls, Gujarat Polls

Exit poll: 5 reasons for BJP to cheer and 5 to worry

If the rural seats of Gujarat are considered in isolation, the party would have been badly bruised in this elections.


 |  Angiography  |  7-minute read
EVMs, AK Joti, Gujarat Polls, Election Commission

Gujarat Assembly polls have tarnished AK Joti-led Election Commission's image irreversibly

From delaying announcement of the poll dates to unseeing the brazen disrespect of law by the ruling BJP leaders, the EC has damaged democracy forever.


 |  2-minute read
Me Too, Harassment, Romance

Romance in the age of sexual harassment

How does one express interest when any overture can be viewed through the ‘harassment’ lens?


 |  The Castaways  |  7-minute read
Teachers, Mountains, Memory, Life

A note to someone who is 'no more'

I am grateful that they remembered to inform me about his death.