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Story Posted on 02-01-2018


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Doctors, Parliament, National Medical Commission Bill

Why doctors like me in India are against National Medical Commission Bill

It is likely to usher in the spectre of Licence Raj and substandard healthcare that legitimises quackery.


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Website, Mobile app, Politics, Rajinikanth

Should Rajinikanth's digital drive worry his political opponents?

Effectiveness of online recruitment is something that is untested and may prove to be a dampener for a start-up party.


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Literature, Poetry

Why India needs a poetry library for posterity

A home for the best Indian verse.


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Charlie Wilson, Zia-ul-haq, Pakistan, Donald Trump

Trump blocking $255-mn aid is perhaps the biggest jolt to Pakistan after Abbottabad raid

After more than 15 years and thousands of casualties, the US has failed to beat the battle-hardened Taliban.


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Triple Talaq, Right to Privacy, Landmark cases, Supreme Court

8 judgments that made 2017 a landmark year

Indian courts always have had a particular proclivity for drama, and the past year clearly didn't buck that trend.


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US president, Terrorism, Donald Trump, US stops aid to Pakistan

Trump cutting aid to Pakistan is a welcome step for India, but more needs to be done

The US president in a tweet has expressed that Islamabad has done nothing to fight terror.


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Anand L Rai, Zero, Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan

'Zero' teaser launch: Twitter users react to new Shah Rukh Khan film

The movie set to release later this year.


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Vegetarianism, Meat, Delhi, BJP

Ban on meat display: South Delhi civic body knows how to butcher a good idea

An exception for non-vegetarian items appears to have diluted the desired impact of an otherwise rational thought.


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Indrani Mukerjea, Peter Mukerjea, Sheena Bora murder case

What went behind Sheena Bora's murder

[Book extract] Once satisfied with the arrangement, Indrani Mukerjea lit a match and threw it on the body of her dead daughter.


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NPA, Aadhaar linkage, Bank fine, SBI

Why are PSU banks fining A/C holders over minimum balance, but going soft on corporate defaulters?

SBI collected Rs 1,771 crore as charges from savings accounts, while seeing a steep rise in NPAs at the same time.