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Story Posted on 17-01-2018


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Tamil Nadu, DMK, AIADMK, MGR

Why MGR will continue to rule politics and hearts in Tamil Nadu

On his 101st birth anniversary, the void left by MGR only grows bigger as people still await to see another leader like him.


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Cricket, Centurion, Cricket, Virat Kohli

South Africa vs India Test: Why Virat Kohli's team faced humiliating defeat at Centurion

The second consecutive loss proves the Indian cricket team is only strong on paper.


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IBM, Aadhaar, Data Security, Bitcoin

Beyond Bitcoin: How blockchain technology will revolutionise India's future

From banking to polls to Aadhaar, it will impact everything.


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Cold wave, Climate change, Winter, Siberia

Eyelash freezing -67C in Siberia: Climate change denial will mean slow death of planet earth

Unless drastic steps are taken to conserve what remains of this planet fast, it may just be too late.


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Exercise, Breathing, Fitness

Did you know the key to good health is linked to how you breathe?

Our breath is an instrument for self-awareness and realisation.


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University of Hyderabad, Jignesh Mevani, Dalit politics, Rohith Vemula suicide

Remembering Rohith Vemula, two years on

The new leaders of the Dalit movement across states have joined hands, carrying forward the momentum from one protest to the next.


 |  The Incredible Sulk  |  5-minute read
Culinary heritage, Home Cooking, Gastronomy

Chef Manu Chandra on finding parallels between new culinary techniques and his grandmother's kitchen

So much of today’s new is going to come straight from the old.


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Sohrabuddin fake encounter, Amit Shah, Judge Loya, Supreme Court Judges

Decoding judge Loya case

The Supreme Court will now have to swiftly deliver a verdict in the case based on evidence not innuendo.


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Aadhaar data breach, Shyam Divan, Right to Privacy, Aadhaar

Aadhaar is an electronic leash, will hollow out the Constitution: Shyam Divan in Supreme Court

On the first day of the crucial case before SC's constitutional bench, the counsel for petitioners has argued for freedom of citizens.


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26/11 Mumbai Attacks, Israel-India ties, Baby Moshe, Moshe Holtzberg

How little Moshe Holtzberg turned into a trauma memorial for India-Israel ties

Orphaned in Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks, he shouldn’t have to relive his pain over and over again.