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Story Posted on 30-01-2018


 |  6-minute read
Human Shield, Army, AFSPA, Kashmir

Why is the Indian Army becoming a target in Kashmir?

The J&K Police, on the orders of the state government, has registered an FIR against Army major for Shopian firing.


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Satyagraha, Sabarmati, Mahatma Gandhi

Why Mahatma Gandhi's experiment with fasting was integral to his search for truth

[Book Extract] This decision was taken neither in haste nor without the awareness of its consequences on his body.


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Social Media, Social Media, Ad campaigns, Matrimonial sites

Really bad matrimonial site or really bad ad campaign? The story behind

Bride categories like 'Gharelu' and 'NRI ready' are too bad to be true.


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Muzaffarnagar riots, Bareilly, Yogi Adityanath, Kasganj violence

Is there a Muzaffarnagar-like plot behind Kasganj violence in Uttar Pradesh?

With the next general elections not very far, it is time for the lumpen element to be let loose by their mentors.


 |  4-minute read
Affordable housing, Income Tax, Rural economy, Union Budget 2018

Income tax cut to relief for farmers: What Budget 2018 is likely to bring

The Modi government has a difficult task cut out - maintaining a balance between fiscal prudence and giving out sops in an electorally important year.


 |  4-minute read
Tiranga yatra, Muslims, Hindu, Kasganj violence

Kasganj violence: Who killed Chandan Gupta?

It's clear that a bit of alacrity would have averted the situation and perhaps saved the life of a young man.


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Mini Skirts, Skirts for Men, Fashion

Zara selling lungis at Rs 6,000 is peak obsession with desis

Here's how the garment made a comeback just as people were on the verge of forgetting 'lungi dance'.


 |  3-minute read
YunOS, Facebook, WhatsApp, India

Nokia 3310 4G launched in China. But will it work in India?

Apart from being VoLTE-ready, the phone could also support popular applications like WhatsApp and Facebook.


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Climate change, Modi government, Davos

Why Modi’s Davos pitch was a missed opportunity

To those of us back home who keenly follow his political speeches, it came as no surprise.


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Delhi rape, Gudiya, Baby raped, Sexual assault

We live in a dark and depressing world where 8 month old infants are raped and brutalised

As parents, as guardians, as relatives and as friends of people who have children, who we dote on, we should all be alarmed.