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Story Posted on 02-02-2018


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Delhi, Lal Qila ki ek Jhalak, Mughals

Mughal women were no damsels in distress — a tale from the palace kitchens

I came upon it in the book 'Lal Qila ki ek Jhalak', written by Syed Nasir Nazir.


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BJP, Sexual assault on children, Cow Slaughter, Capital punishment

BJP govt doesn’t want death penalty for those raping children, but party MP would like it for those killing cows

The Centre opposed the punishment against child rapists in Supreme Court on a day Subramanian Swamy moved cow protection bill in Parliament.


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Hindu extremism, BJP, India, Pakistan

What is common between Hindutva forces and the founders of Pakistan?

Jinnah did what Golwalkar could not at the time.


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Bollywood, Entertainment, Bigg Boss 11

From Arshi Khan to Dhinchak Pooja: Top 5 losers of Bigg Boss 11

Arshi tweeted that she has bagged a project with Prabhas, which may not be the case in reality.


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Indian Army, Machhil sector, Infiltration, LoC

What I came to know about life of Indian soldiers along the LoC

The past one year has been particularly difficult at the de facto boundary between India and Pakistan.


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Jammu and Kashmir, Gulshan Books, Kashmir

In Kashmir, Gulshan Books — India's only bookshop-library on lake — is reinventing the story

Sometimes, a book is all one needs to start mending broken bridges.


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By-poll, BJP, Rajasthan, Congress

Is Congress going to pull the rug under Raje government?

Taking together the three seats, 17 Assembly segments had gone to polls across Rajasthan, and the BJP failed to win even one.


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Soldiers, Arun Jaitley, Union Budget 2018, Defence

Budget 2018: Sadly, Modi government has let down Indian soldiers

National security and development of military power has been given a short shrift, when elections appear to be around the corner.


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Feature phone, VoLTE, HMD Global, JioPhone

Why Nokia 3310 4G could spoil JioPhone's party

With a unique design, and hopefully, the inclusion of applications like WhatsApp and Facebook, the 4G-ready 3310, would serve as an upgrade on JioPhone.


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BJP, Political funding, Finance Bill 2018

Why Finance Bill 2018 seeks to okay illegal foreign funds to political parties by 36 years

A tiny amendment to Finance Act, 2016 will tweak the FCRA to retrospectively legalise foreign donations from 1976 onwards.