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Story Posted on 07-02-2018


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Media, Muslim, Hindu, Ankit Saxena murder case

Why Ankit Saxena lay bleeding on the road, knifed by his girlfriend’s parents

What was he thinking? Didn't he know we hate them? That they are supposed to hate us back too.


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Indian techies, Donald Trump, H1B Visa, US Immigration

Indian techies willing to pay for Trump’s Mexico wall is dumb and dangerous

They seem to have forgotten that such immigration rules are part of the larger racist, anti-immigrant character of the Trump administration.


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Defence Ministry, Defence Ministry, Rafale Deal, Nirmala Sitharaman

Why defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman is refusing to disclose details of Rafale deal

While confidentiality clauses prevent certain details from being disclosed, the government is duty bound to present them before CAG and PAC.


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Student agitation, JNU, Compulsory attendance

Compulsory classroom attendance in JNU: What is the rationale?

The unrest provides an opportunity to both faculty and students to undertake a cost-benefit analysis of either attending or non-attending classes.


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#MeToo, Sexual Abuse, Bollywood, Jeetendra

Jeetendra accused of sexual assault by cousin after 47 years: Bollywood's true horror stories begin

Survivors, as in this case, often embrace silence fearing an ugly fallout.


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Nizamuddin auliya, Uttar Pradesh, Kasganj, Amir Khusrau

On a famous son of Kasganj: Hazrat Amir Khusrau

He has often been called the Tooti-e-Hindustan or parrot of Hindustan.


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Rahul Gandhi, BJP, Congress, Parliament

Modi should have focused less on Nehru and more on his own government

While ‘NaMo roar’ has been pitched as the prime minister sounding the 2019 poll bugle already, glaring omissions too have been noted.


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Ashraf Ghani, Taliban, Terror, Pakistan-Afghanistan

Pak-sponsored terror in Afghanistan: Why India has to stay alert

Islamabad has always been wary of New Delhi's growing friendship with Kabul.


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Rafale Deal, Lok Sabha elections 2019, Lok Sabha, Modi

Modi's speech in Parliament: What is this obsession with Nehru?

The prime minister's reply to motion of thanks to the President’s address in Lok Sabha was predictable digging up of the Congress past.


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BJP, Defence Ministry, Rafale Deal, Nirmala Sitharaman

Have questions over Rafale deal made Nirmala Sitharaman lose her sheen?

In five months, India’s first full-time woman defence minister has gone from being a transparency crusader to be part of something highly unsettling.