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Story Posted on 18-02-2018


 |  5-minute read
Hindu Ekta Manch, Jammu and Kashmir, BJP, Kathua rape

Hindu nationalists protesting to release rape and murder accused of 8-year-old is a new low

The demonstration, held in Jammu’s Kathua, was led by the Hindu Ekta Manch, which is headed by state BJP secretary Vijay Sharma.


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LoU, Bank fraud, Mehul Chokasi, Nirav Modi

The thousands of crore Nirav Modi-Mehul Choksi PNB scam is more recent than you think

The heist appears a well planned quick swindle not a prolonged one.


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Democracy, Nepal monarchy, KP Oli, Nepal elections

How Nepal moved from absolute monarchy to democratic republic

It's a story of innumerable sacrifices and many revolts that were seldom peaceful.


 |  4-minute read
Television, Ekta Kapoor, Bollywood, Casting Couch

What Ekta Kapoor means when she suggests Bollywood runs on sexual favours

The producer alleged women meeting producers, hooking up for work should also be looked into in the wake Harvey Weinstein controversy.


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Ram Temple Movement, Babri Masjid, Sri Sri Ravikshankar, Ayodhya dispute

How Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's image was sullied as a negotiator in the Ram Temple dispute

Most self-proclaimed negotiators in the case have nothing to do with the dispute that is all set to go for its final hearing before the Supreme Court.


 |  4-minute read
HD Deve Gowda, Third Front, Mayawati, Karnataka Assembly polls

Why Third Front in Karnataka is set to fail

The effort to indulge in social engineering seems need-based, driven by political arithmetic.


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West Asia, Observer Research Foundation, Chabahar port, Rouhani visit

What Hassan Rouhani's visit to India says about New Delhi's West Asia policy

In the current realignment of forces in West Asia, India will not take sides. It will tango with Sunni Saudi Arabia as well as Shia Iran.


 |  Tarar Square  |  7-minute read
Love, Haram, Pakistan, Valentine's Day

Love is not haram: How Pakistan celebrated Valentine's Day

My single status and non-existence of romance in my life have in no way diminished the importance of love and its manifestations for me.


 |  Gloves Off  |  5-minute read
Grand slam, Tennis, Rotterdam Open, Tennis

How World Number One Roger Federer has perfected the art of winning

One big factor that separates the tennis great from other champions is humility.