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Story Posted on 27-02-2018


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Speculation, Sridevi death, Fake news, Rumours

No speculation, 4 hard facts about Sridevi's death

News of the Bollywood diva's death has seen a barrage of rumours, theories and lies fly.


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Storytelling, Dastangoi

Homage to Muslim dada, the dastango from my past, who knew a bit of magic

We would listen to his stories with eyes and mouths wide open in amazement.


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Prabhash Joshi, Sridevi, Journalism, Neelabh Mishra

Goodbye my friend Neelabh Mishra. The sky won't be the same without you

Many a time it was said that I was his younger brother.


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Women, Fatwa, Bangladesh, Islam

How maulanas in Bangladesh use fatwas to oppress women

[Book extract] Though passing a fatwa was illegal as per the laws of the country, it was allowed within the tenets of Islam.


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VC, Politics, Compulsory attendance, JNU

A JNU alumna asks some uncomfortable questions to those opposing compulsory attendance

Let's celebrate voluntarism in academics, but this should not be confined to just one academic space.


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The Alexandria Quartet, Lawrence Durrell

Remembering Lawrence Durrell, master of The Alexandria Quartet

Isn't it humanly possible for one to love two people at once?


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Exam pressure, Indian education, Apple, Steve Wozniak

Yes, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is right: Indian culture lacks creativity

No risk. No experiment. No growth.


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Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 1, MWC 2018

Why Nokia's 2018 line-up looks like a winner

The Finnish mobile phone maker has announced five new phones for the year.


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Government, Middle class, India, World NGO Day

Why middle class India hates NGOs

Redistribution of government largesse and international embarrassment are among their top fears.


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Sridevi death, Bollywood heroines, Sexism, Bollywood

If not in life, can we please allow Sridevi some dignity in death?

The star entered Bollywood in the 1980s — the film industry then was a misogynistic wasteland.