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Story Posted on 01-03-2018


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Uttar Pradesh, Cycling, Mandir, Sunny Deol

What I discovered inside Sunny Deol Ka Mandir

[Book extract] I had seen so many different renditions of so many different Gods, I wanted to see how Sunny Deol was portrayed.


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Semen balloons, Lady shri ram college, Holi, Sexual harassment

5 ways that you can stay safe this Holi

In light of the recent events at LSR college in Delhi, and what happens every year under the guise of Holi, here's what you need to do.


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Bank fraud, India, Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill, Wilful defaulters

Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill cleared: What it means for absconders like Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya

The law, which will be applicable in cases where the value of offence is more than Rs 100 crore, will cover any kind of economic offence.


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Slut-shaming, Instagram, Radhika Apte, Online trolls

Actress Radhika Apte trolled for bikini photo: What trolls want from celebs

Taking offence is not just a pastime.


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Lady shri ram college, Rape Culture, Sexual violence, Holi

Semen-filled water balloons or not, Holi needs to stop being an excuse for sexual harassment

The culture of 'Bura na mano' is at its root.


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Schools, Rote learning, India, Education system

Board exams or not, Indian education system continues to fail our children

Let us build thinking-feeling individuals who excel to succeed and not succeed to excel.


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Bollywood, Sridevi death, Sridevi

Sridevi's death has exposed us as a people

Social media turned into a war zone of judgment, accusations and counter accusations.


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Congress, BJP, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh bypolls

Do by-poll results indicate an ebbing of Modi wave?

BJP losing ground is not necessarily indicative of a comeback by Congress and other Opposition parties.


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Rape, Sex trade, Human Trafficking

I was raped at 14: How I fell in the hands of sex traffickers

[Book extract] He was too confident, too well-rehearsed. I’m sure he ruined the lives of many other girls after me.


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Congress, BJP, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh bypolls

Congress wins Madhya Pradesh by-polls: What next for Shivraj Singh Chouhan?

Ominous signs for the BJP ahead of Assembly elections in the state later this year.