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Story Posted on 09-03-2018


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BJP, Gorakhpur, Phulpur, By-polls

Uttar Pradesh by-polls: Why winning Phulpur is a bigger challenge for both BJP and Opposition

What came as an indirect support for the BJP candidate was jailed mafia don-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed joining the fray.


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BCCI, Domestic Violence, Mohammed Shami, Cricket

Wife accuses Mohammed Shami of thrashing her, BCCI scraps contract: Debates over player's private life raise key questions

It started with an FB post by the cricketer's wife Hasin Jahan.


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Mercy killing, Supreme Court, Passive euthanasia, Aruna Shanbaug

How the life and death of Aruna Shanbaug changed the debate over mercy killing in India

Supreme Court finally allowing passive euthanasia is momentous for many reasons.


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Healthcare, Women's health, Abortions, Abortion laws

It's only right that women decide - When it's about our bodies

This piece has been co-authored by Anjali Nayyar and Ria Basu.


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Left Front, BJP, CPI(M), Tripura

Why there are no takers for Left's politics of irrelevance

Is there really a Left version of 'hopes' and 'promises' in today's neo-liberal India?


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Economy, GDP, RSS, Narendra Modi

[Memes] Did Rahul Gandhi get trolled, or did he manage to out-troll his questioner?

'India's success is hugely because of India's people.'


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Apple, Bezel-less, OnePlus 6, Asus Zenfone 5

Why Asus Zenfone 5 and OnePlus 6 copying iPhone X's notch is bad news

Android smartphone makers are failing to innovate.


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India Today Conclave 2018, Politics of hate, Ayodhya

Ram Temple issue can only be decided by SC: Owaisi at India Today Conclave 2018

The AIMIM leader told BJP's Sambit Patra that the only article of faith to him was the Constitution of India.


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Tamil nadu politics, Makkal Needhi Maiam, India Today Conclave 2018, Kamal Haasan

'Extremism is being ignited by one personality': Kamal Haasan, no holds barred, at India Today Conclave 2018

My politics is a mix of Gandhi, Ambedkar and Periyar, said the Tamil Nadu leader.


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Hindutva, Hate in India, Make in India, Modi

Modi's biggest contribution to India is teaching it to hate

Democracy is a celebration of contrasts and differences, diversity and change.