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Story Posted on 20-03-2018


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Colombo, Dinesh Karthik, India-Bangladesh, T20 cricket

Main takeaways of the Sri Lanka T20I Tri-Series

In the absence of the usual stalwarts, 32-year-old Dinesh Karthik grabbed the perfect opportunity to shine.


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Siddaramaiah, BJP, Karnataka, Lingayat issue

Lingayat issue: What voters in Karnataka should know about dangers of divide-and-rule politics

In our diverse country, there are too many mores, customs and diversities at the disposal of politicians to drive a wedge between people.


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Hindutva, Mahayagya, Meerut, Air Pollution

6 other things to burn along with 500 quintals of mango wood to rid Hindustan of pollution

Fighting smoke with smoke - let's firefight this.


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Sexual assault, Sexual harassment, Atul Johri, Amulya Patnaik

Delhi Police first delaying JNU prof Atul Johri's arrest and then giving him instant bail raises concerns

We are living in troubled times if the police guarding the national capital of this country needs to be reminded of its constitutional duties.


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No-confidence motion, Sumitra Mahajan, Lok Sabha adjourned

Just how desperate is Modi government to stop no-confidence motion?

The BJP coming under pressure from its erstwhile allies in itself is a cause for concern and major embarrassment to the party.


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Northern white rhinoceros, Rhino, Wildlife

Why the last male northern white rhino is dead

Only two female members of his species are alive.


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General Elections 2019, US Presidential Election, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica

Ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls, why Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal should scare EC

This conversation needs to be happen now because in 2019 we will be voting in the general election.


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Russia, Vladimir Putin, Sergei Skripal, Russian spy

Britain should know its limits and not take on Putin over poisoning of Russian spy Sergei Skripal

The first effect of punitive sanctions on Moscow would be the UK going into recession.


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Donald Trump, Brexit, Bihar, Cambridge Analytics

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal: All we need to know

Everything you need to know about the biggest data breach in Facebook's history.


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Liberals, Muslim, Indian Express, Ramchandra Guha

Why are liberals mad at Ram Guha?

In his latest column, the acclaimed historian wrote, 'While a burka may not be a weapon in a symbolic sense it is akin to a trishul...'