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Story Posted on 29-03-2018


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1993 mumbai serial blasts, Bollywood, Biography, Sanjay Dutt

Why Bollywood 'bad boy' Sanjay Dutt's biography has hit controversy

'He was always following Madhuri around and whispering "I love you".'


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Humour, Cities, Pornography, PornHub

The hilarious reason an Indian city is about to get free premium access by Pornhub

This social media trend will leave you in splits.


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Caste, Dalits, BJP, Bhimrao Ramji Aambedkar

What Yogi Adityanath wants to erase by adding 'Ramji' to Ambedkar’s name

Is the BJP trying to integrate Babasaheb, or colonise him?


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CJI, Supreme Court, Judiciary, Justice J Chelameswar

[Read] Justice Chelameswar's stinging letter to CJI: Judiciary and government are mutual watchdogs, not mutual admirers

The matter is now ripe for consideration of the full court on the judicial side, if this institution really is to be any more relevant in the scheme of the Constitution.


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Horror Movies, Women, Bollywood, Pari

Why we must watch Pari - it could have been so much worse

In true Bollywood fashion, it goes ahead and sacrifices everything at the altar of romantic, heteronormative love.


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America First, Donald Trump, US, Trade wars

What US slapping harsh tariffs on imports of aluminium and steel means for the rest of the world

Trade wars come at a cost.


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Board Exams, CBSE paper leak, CBSE

CBSE paper leak: Who is to blame? An education expert on the controversy

Over a telephonic conversation, Ilyas Husain, dean of faculty of education, Jamia Millia Islamia, shares his thoughts.


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BJP, Hindutva, Northeast, Madhavpur Mela

Why Modi government feels Hindu mythology will make Arunachal Pradesh 'part of' India

A torrent of laughter tears must be pouring down China’s cheeks.


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GMT, Time zones, Bagan Time, Indian standard time

Are we ready for IST?

The most fundamental question, however, continues to remain a problematic one.


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Examinations, Education, CBSE paper leak

CBSE exam paper leak leaves some tough questions unanswered

In an unexplained departure, the board sent the same set of question papers to all region centres.