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Story Posted on 25-04-2018


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Rape, Gorakhpur hospital tragedy, Asaram convicted, Kafeel Khan

Why Kafeel Khan’s bail and Asaram found guilty of child rape brought hope

Some court judgments, of late, have raised questions on probe agencies and the judicial process.


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Permanand, Nithyananda, Asaram Bapu rape case, Godmen

Other rape tainted babas like Asaram you should know of

One can only assume that in the coming years, this number will only go up further.


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Tax Evasion, 2013 rape case, Ashrams, Asaram convicted

How Asaram Bapu built a multi-million empire

‘Bapuji’ turned a single-hut ashram in Gujarat’s Motera to an over Rs 10,000-crore empire in little over four decades.


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Osho, Godmen scandal, Wild Wild Country, Asaram Bapu rape case

What support for rape convict Asaram says about our obsession with babas

It is often the rich who help the baba culture flourish.


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Panchayat Polls, Political violence, West Bengal violence, Trinamool Congress

Why using violence to win West Bengal panchayat polls will come back to haunt TMC

The CPM in the state also paid heavily for it.


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Pocso act, Asaram rape case, Asaram Bapu, Godmen

Asaram's followers should now realise he's a convicted rapist

Self-styled godmen use religion to abuse and exploit disciples.


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Smriti Irani, Reliance Jio, Airtel, Censor

India blocks more webpages than Pakistan, Bahrain and UAE combined: Chilling details emerge

An overwhelming number of blocked URLs include ones that hosted content related to atrocities on the minority communities in India.


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Smriti Irani, Amit Shah, Rae Bareli, Amethi

Why BJP has made it a mission to eradicate Gandhis from their Uttar Pradesh bastions

Party insiders believe there is no way that they could get anywhere close to record tally of 2014.


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Supreme Court, CJI Dipak Misra, Venkaiah Naidu, Impeachment motion

Why vice president rejecting motion to impeach chief justice Misra is suspect

Institutional integrity is being compromised with alacrity and it would seem that a 'committed judiciary' is the next logical step.


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Congress, BJP, Rahul Gandhi dares Modi, Narendra Modi

Why Modi must accept Rahul Gandhi's challenge for a one-on-one debate

This would ensure that the din of protesting members of Parliament doesn't drown out discussions around crucial events.