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Story Posted on 14-05-2018


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Karnataka election, Karnataka Assembly polls, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Amusu

Was AMU-Jinnah controversy used to split Karnataka polls mandate?

Caught between a portrait and Hindutva, the varsity shows the way.


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Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal, West bengal panchayat polls, Panchayat Polls

13 die in West Bengal Panchayat polls violence. Is this the development Didi promised?

Two Left supporters were burnt to death a day before the poll at Kakdwip in the Sunderbans.


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Jinnah portrait, BJP, Raja mahendra pratap singh, Captain abhimanyu

Haryana minister’s comments on renaming AMU are low on facts, high on bigotry

Raja Mahendra Pratap stood against the BJP’s brand of politics, and yes, the university does have his portraits, not one but two.


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Disaster management, Met department, Thunderstorm, Dust storm

The lull before and after the dust storm, lightning deaths

When an actual calamity struck and killed more than 60 people, India looked more concerned over predictions about Karnataka election.


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Bengal panchayat polls, TMC vs BJP, Violence, Mamata Banerjee

Why Bengal panchayat polls turned so bloody

The state government not requesting Centre for security has added to what is usually a rowdy affair.


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CBSE, ICSE, Class 12 results, Class 10 results

Board exam results: Remember, bad scores don't make you a failure

Children need to stop feeling harassed.


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Minority institution, Central university, Discrimination against hindus, Jamia Millia Islamia

I went to Jamia Millia Islamia. Here’s what I learnt about discrimination against Hindus

It has failed to reflect the character of a central university. That to my mind has been the real injustice.


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Devendra Fadnavis, Owaisi, Shiv Sena, BJP

Aurangabad riots: When police plays the perpetrator

On Friday, as many of us slept peacefully in our beds, the city battled the fires of hate and communalism. But who is to blame?


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Militancy, Ramzan, Ceasefire, Kashmir

Give Kashmir a break – why we desperately need a Ramzan ceasefire

In 2000, PM Vajpayee gave Kashmiris hope with his ceasefire move. Politicians today must show the same trust.


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Maoists, CRPF, Border Security Force, Bsf

An ex-BSF officer on how to avoid casualties in Maoist areas

Maintaining the identity of units is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in ensuring cohesion among troops.