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Story Posted on 16-05-2018


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Terrorism, Kashmir, Ceasefire, Ramzan

Kashmir's Ramzan ceasefire is total foolishness, which will only hurt our security forces

The move shows no knowledge of ground realities in J&K — it will simply escalate militant violence.


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BJP, Congress, JD(S), Yeddyurappa

Was Karnataka governor right in inviting BJP to form government? Experts weigh in

Vajubhai Vala's role became crucial after the elections threw up a fractured mandate.


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Fasting, Quran, Health, Ramzan

Why Muslims fast on Ramzan (and how it should be done)

It is also a month of detox, something we otherwise spend a lot of money on.


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Sanjay Hegde, Karnataka Assembly polls, Governor

Karnataka: Sanjay Hegde on why Congress-JD(S) should be invited to form government

Post the hung poll verdict — it is now up to the governor to decide on who takes charge of the state.


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Varanasi flyover collapse, PM Modi, Yogi Adityanath, Smart city

How Varanasi flyover collapse dug out skeletons of negligence

India has a long history of sweeping man-made accidents under the carpet. That is precisely why we call them 'tragedies' or 'mishaps'.


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Harish Salve, Soli Sorabjee, Karnataka Assembly polls, Governor

Karnataka: Constitutional experts on why single-largest party should be invited to form government

Legal luminaries Soli Sorabjee and Harish Salve weigh in on the fraught state verdict.


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Militancy in kashmir, BJP, Ramzan ceasefire, Kashmir ceasefire

Why Kashmir needs more than just Ramzan ceasefire

J&K can't be solved through machismo alone. Surrendered militants need policy to rehabilitate them.


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India-nepal ties, Modi in Nepal, Modi visit, KP Oli

Why Nepal still doesn't trust India

Neither a call from new Delhi nor a warm welcome from Kathmandu is enough to strengthen the already strained bilateral relationship.


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Offer, Deals, Review, Smartphone

Why Gionee S11 Lite is not as exciting as it looks

The phone has its drawbacks that spoil the fun.


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Writing, Books, Delhi

Two books and two Delhis — one intimate, another intimidating

Zarreen Khan's Koi Good News? and Sanjeev Sanyal's Life Over Two Beers capture a diverse capital.