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Story Posted on 19-05-2018


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Lok Sabha 2019, Congress-jds, Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls

Karnataka elections mark the beginning of a new trend in politics

The principles of democracy will be flagrantly violated if such practices continue.


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Congress, BJP, 2019 general elections, Karnataka

Karnataka polls will change 2019 general elections for India

It will set a big precedent as to how the Congress and BJP fight polls from now on.


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Congress-jds, Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa, BJP

Did BJP come in the way of BS Yeddyurappa winning Karnataka?

BSY camp insiders believe there was a sabotage by some senior BJP leaders.


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BJP, Congress-jds, Karnataka Assembly polls, Yeddyurappa resigns

BJP has even made Rahul Gandhi a hero by not being able to form government in Karnataka

The implications of the BJP's embarrassing defeat in Karnataka will be enormous in national politics.


 |  4-minute read
Amit Shah, Yeddyurappa, Assembly Polls, BJP

Why failing to form a government in Karnataka is a reality slap for BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s grandstanding will come under a severe cloud with this episode that played out in full public view


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Floor test, Yeddyurappa, Karnataka Assembly polls, Rahul Gandhi

The day Rahul Gandhi did a Modi and took bhakts and critics by surprise

Minutes after BS Yeddyurappa conceded defeat on the floor of the Karnataka Assembly, the Congress president tore into BJP and the prime minister.


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Congress, BJP, Floor test, Karnataka

Yeddyurappa resigns as Karnataka CM: Twitter users ask for governor Vala to go too

'Strange how every election, whether state or even a district or municipality poll, is now a step towards 2019.'


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India, Children literature, Landour, mussoorie, Ruskin Bond

On his birthday, my ode to Ruskin Bond

The long queue outside the Cambridge Book Depot to meet the children's favourite author was an assurance that fans of literature still exist and thrive.


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Ramzan, Home ministry, Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir ceasefire

Modi government's Ramzan ceasefire in J&K is a bold and commendable move

It has been made amply clear that 'security forces reserve the right to retaliate, if attacked'.


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Congress-jds, Democracy, BJP-RSS, Karnataka Assembly polls

Why I'm seriously worried about this country (and so should you be)

Voting has become a mechanical exercise that gives the illusion of agency and free choice.