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Story Posted on 23-05-2018


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Opposition, BJP, Karnataka Assembly polls, Hd kumaraswamy

Full heat: Why entire Opposition showed up at Karnataka CM's swearing-in

HD Kumaraswamy’s oath taking ceremony has indubitably been a dress rehearsal for 2019 elections.


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Pollution, Tamil Nadu, Anti-sterlite protests, Tuticorin

How police firing on anti-Sterlite protesters has left Tuticorin bleeding

The situation in the entire city is grim, violence erupting every now and then.


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NCRB, Muslims, Dalits, Mob violence

Why the mob has come to rule us

Be it caste, religion or ethnic violence, gangs of easily influenced, violent, often ignorant youth have become a major force in India.


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Dress Code, Bombay High Court, Bhiwandi college, Hijab

I wear a hijab – why should that veil my right to equality?

It's tragic a student in Mumbai has been unfairly stopped from attending classes, taking exams, for wearing a headscarf.


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BJP, United Opposition, Karnataka govt formation, Hd kumaraswamy

The behind-the-scene moments at HD Kumaraswamy's swearing-in

Despite their 'secular' credentials and a common enemy — the BJP — the new Opposition seems weak.


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Literature, Novelists, Philip Roth

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Philip Roth's death marks the birth of a new era

Literature will no longer be dominated by straight white men only.


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Kashmir crisis, Indian Army, Human Shield, Leetul gogoi

Why Major Leetul Gogoi, of human-shield notoriety, was detained from Srinagar hotel

Gogoi was allegedly trying to check in with a local Kashmiri girl, believed to be a minor.


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Board Exams, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Caste Discrimination, Madhya Pradesh

Guess who failed their board exam – Madhya Pradesh government scores low on caste

After stamping 'SC/ST' on job candidates' chests, state education board now lists Class 10,12 results with students' castes.


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Tamil Nadu, Vedanta sterlite, Vedanta group, Tuticorin protests

Chilling video shows how the state grossly overstepped by killing Tuticorin protesters

Protests, even terror strikes, in other nations are handled with sense and sensibility by the police. Why was that completely absent in Tuticorin's Sterlite agitation?


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Sterlite Copper, Protests, Police Firing, Pollution

How the peaceful protests at Tuticorin against Sterlite Copper turned bloody on 100th day

At least 11 civilians have died in the clashes between protesters and police.