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Story Posted on 29-05-2018


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Mriganka singh, BJP, Election Commission, Kairana by-poll

How the heat over EVM malfunctioning kept rising in Kairana

Opposition and others are still wondering how EVMs could malfunction because of heat at 7am when the temperature is less than 30 degrees.


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Audience, Ekta Kapoor, Entertainment, Television

How not to address infertility? Learn from Ekta Kapoor!

The very people who are slamming the serial Yeh Hain Mohabbatein on Twitter for being regressive are those who watch it.


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Domestic cricket, Indian Cricket, MS Dhoni, IPL 2018

Dhoni is a better captain than Kohli and other things IPL 2018 taught us

It's become clear that the league matches carry much more weightage than domestic cricket as far as selection for ODIs and T20Is are concerned.


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Ayushman bharat scheme, AIIMS, Digital India, Healthcare

MBBS student prescribes how Digital India can help revolutionise our health care system

Why can't poor patients from villages make appointments at specialised hospitals like AIIMS though post offices or banks?


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Theresa May, Vijay Mallya, Sushma Swaraj, Narendra Modi

Why Modi's blunt retort to Theresa May on Indian jails is significant

Indian PM was right to give Britain a firm reminder of its colonial past.


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Congress, Jds-congress alliance, Karnataka verdict, Hd kumaraswamy

Karnataka CM at Congress' mercy, Kannadigas at God's

The JD(S) and Congress parties are squabbling intensely over plum ministries. Citizens and governance are out on a limb.


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Dehydration, Cooling food, Health, Summer

10 foods to eat in summer to beat heatstroke and more

Stay healthy and disease-free.


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Is 'jumla' Modi government's biggest contribution in 4 years?

Opposition parties and leaders are no more seen as adversaries, but as enemies.


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Harvey Weinstein, Sexual harassment, Casting Couch, #MeToo

Not all women are blameless – why slam only the Harvey Weinsteins?

It takes two to tango - even in a casting couch scenario. The women who first say 'yes', and complain later, only helped a crime go on.


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Islamophobia, Uttar Pradesh, Urdu, BJP

BJP earlier slammed Urdu - why include it now in 'Saaf Niyat Sahi Vikas'

After having criticised Urdu, and its speakers, the BJP seems eager to use the familiar language in its own slogans. Ye kaisa insaaf?