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Story Posted on 01-06-2018


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General elections, BJP, Kairana by-polls

Why BJP can't say by-poll results don't matter

This mandate shows the mood of the people.


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Sangh, Liberals, Khan market, Kairana by-poll

From Khan Market to Kairana: A socialite socialist speaks

A satirical take on how the Linen Liberal's 'achhe din' look poised to return.


 |  5-minute read
Class 12 board exams, Board Exams, CBSE

Didn't you get 100 per cent in CBSE humanities? Sorry, you're too original

How did board exam subjects like history or political science become high scorers like maths? And what have such high marks meant for originality of thought?


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NCRB, Dowry deaths, Social Media, Dowry

Shooting the messenger: Shutting down ‘dowry calculator’ is the netas’ response to dowry crimes

Satirical website drew attention to a social evil politicians haven’t tackled with real resolve. So, they tackled the website instead.


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Mamata Banerjee, Nandigram, Singur, West Bengal

Bhangar stir is another Nandigram, but this time Mamata Banerjee is on the other side of action

The West Bengal CM is going by the rule book that her predecessor followed to contain a people's uprising.


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Bahadur Shah Zafar, Mughals, Mughal Empire, Revolt of 1857

How, led by Mughals, Hindus and Muslims together fought the war of 1857

They battled as a united force against the might of the British Raj.


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India, 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Nehru, Modi government

How PM Modi is trying to appropriate India's success story with '48 months versus 48 years'

The BJP government should aim for 'real' achievements, not make-believe success that remain just on paper.


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Kashmir ceasefire, Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan, Terrorism

Given Pakistan's inner turmoil, will Kashmir ceasefire hold?

Who Delhi could even discuss peace with is unclear, with civilian democratic politics in Islamabad more unsure than ever before.


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Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, Kairana by-poll, By-poll results

Modi and Amit Shah for the first time have something serious to worry about

The results of the by-polls, especially in Kairana, are a reminder that, against a united Opposition, the ally-short BJP will be severely tested in 2019.


 |  The Big M  |  9-minute read
Not In My Name, Junaid Khan lynching, Gau Raksha Dal, Gau Rakshaks

I met a gau rakhshak who is not afraid of Modi

I carried home the two encounters with the predators and the victims.