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Story Posted on 19-07-2018


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BJP, Tamil Nadu, AgustaWestland, No-confidence motion

Three Coincidences: Chidambaram, SPK Group raids, AgustaWestland seem tied by a common thread

Three investigative swoops occur just before the No Confidence motion. But do the facts fully fly?


 |  4-minute read
Tiziana cantone, Right to be forgotten, DoT, TRAI

TRAI recommends that the public has the right to be forgotten, but what does it mean?

More importantly, is something like that even possible?


 |  3-minute read
Hindutva, Jharkhand, BJP, Swami agnivesh

BJP’s response to attack on Swami Agnivesh shows there is method, and a message, in the madness

From Kathua to beef lynchings, there is a pattern here.


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Hizbul-mujahideen, Indian Army, Militancy in kashmir, Islamic State

Why the rise of ISIS in Srinagar is Kashmir's gravest security threat

Over the past few months, at least three militants from Srinagar, gunned down by security forces, were found to be affiliated with the Islamic State.


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Entertainment, Television, Advertisement, Amitabh Bachchan

How this television ad proves that there are more bankers than Amitabh Bachchan fans in India

Big B should not have taken the sudden drop in his number of followers on Twitter lightly.


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Congress, BJP, Narendra Modi, No-confidence motion

Why no-confidence motion against Modi government makes for poor optics

The Congress has walked straight into a trap by supporting a motion which will only end up projecting the BJP government as stronger.


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Right, Left-liberals, Triple Talaq, Nikah Halala

Tugged Left and Right: The Muslim Woman is cynically claimed by all

The Left rejoices in our silence. The Right wants our bodies as selfie props. But no one wants to hear the Muslim woman speak.


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Militancy, Pakistan, Khyber pakhtunkhwa, FATA

Mainstreaming Pakistan’s tribal regions: Overdue, but not enough

Militants in the tribal region will be a bane for Pakistan's security forces. But the government has no idea of how to deal with the radicalism, or the peaceful protests, in the area.


 |  Beijing Diary  |  3-minute read
Xi Jinping, Economy, Trade, China

Why China, not Trump, is India’s biggest trade challenge

Beijing is India’s biggest trading partner, but also the biggest contributor to India’s trade deficit.


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Yamuna, Mc mehta, Taj mahal pollution, Taj Mahal

Save the Taj: Why the world won't forgive us for letting Taj Mahal become a victim of neglect

Government apathy and short-sighted development priorities are destroying India’s most iconic monument.