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Story Posted on 26-07-2018


 |  4-minute read
Crony Capitalism, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, Crorepati mps

Millionaire MPs - Why political parties backing 'self-financing' rich candidates is a wonderful move

Reports say 442 of 543 MPs are crorepatis. This is great news — finally, leaders who can empathise with the aam aadmi.


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Partition, Shahbaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan general elections

Jati Umra, Nawaz Sharif's ancestral home in Indian Punjab, still supports him

Imran Khan is the flavour of the season everywhere. But a village in Indian Punjab roots for former Pak PM


 |  8-minute read
St status, Matrilineal society, Khasi community, Meghalaya

Why a matrilineal Meghalaya wants to strip Khasi women of ST status if they marry non-Khasis

There is a possibility that a similar law would eventually be introduced for Khasi men as well.


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Kashmir, Pakistan elections, Imran Khan, Pakistan general elections

Why Imran Khan's victory speech was an ode to China

There was nothing to suggest that he is in any hurry to improve ties with India.


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NRC, Nellie massacre, Assamese nationalism, National register of citizenship

Why National Register of Citizens is likely to turn Assam into a tinderbox

With the completion of the NRC, at least two million people are at risk of losing their citizen's rights: to vote, to property, to state benefits.


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Indian marriages, Advertisement, Marriages, Matrimonial Ads

The achievers' arranged marriage: How 'beautiful girls' spoiled the honest matrimonial advertisement

The proper term is “fair-skinned”, which has been there in vogue for years.


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Statehood demand, Kumaraswamy, South karnataka, North karnataka

Why statehood demand for North Karnataka won’t gather steam

The state has seen lopsided development, with the South faring better.


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AAP, Hunger deaths in delhi, Hunger deaths, Starvation deaths

Three girls dying of hunger in Delhi shows rats in India have a better life

Foodgrains rot in fields and outside cold storages as doctors look for, and don't find, traces of food in the stomachs of India's poor children.


 |  Beijing Diary  |  3-minute read
Imran Khan, OBOR, China-Pakistan, Pakistan general elections

China's new best friend, Imran Khan of Pakistan

A senior official of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan also praised how smoothly the country's general election was conducted.


 |  7-minute read
BJP alliances, Defence, O Panneerselvam, Nirmala Sitharaman

A defence air ambulance and breach of secrecy: How help to AIADMK’s OPS leaves Nirmala Sitharaman defending herself

The BJP rivals are utilising the event to build a narrative against the Modi government.