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Story Posted on 01-08-2018


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Black Money, Mehul Choksi, Uk extradition battle, Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya says his prison cell won't get sunshine: His escape, extradition fight show India in very poor light

Efforts to bring him to book are hobbled by a stringent extradition treaty, and a government that woke up far too late.


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Illegal Immigrants, Assam, National Register for Citizens, Nrc final draft

NRC list: Why this is the right time for India to get tough on illegal immigrants

The process of drafting the list has enough checks and balances to safeguard rights of those whose citizenship is being decided.


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Suicide, 911, Facebook Live, Live-streaming suicide

2,300 people did nothing to stop Gurgaon man from killing himself on Facebook live: Where is India's 911?

We in India still do not know who to reach out to in emergency situations such as live suicides.


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PTI, Pakistan general elections, Cricket World Cup, Imran Khan

O captain, my captain! Why Imran Khan, the sportsman, will be a good leader

A sportsman is resilient in the face of adversity, patient in times of chaos, efficient when needed, elegant when expected.


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CBFC, Prasoon Joshi, Kashmir, Mission: impossible - fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout: How CBFC aborted Hollywood's 'sinister mission' in Kashmir

For such unmatched stupidity, we give the movie a lowly 1/2 ★.


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IMac, IPhone, Apple

Apple posts record Q3 revenues, but what next for the tech giant?

The iPhone contributed to over 50 per cent of the total revenue Apple generated this quarter.


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Doklam, Surgical strikes, Kashmir, Indian armed forces

Responding to an intellectual’s opinion about the Indian Armed Forces

From wars with other nations to our internal conflicts, the military has done a stellar job.


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Hackers, Cyber security, Rs sharma, Aadhaar

TRAI chief RS Sharma's Aadhaar debacle should be a learning experience for all

There is a considered view that cyber security is actually a myth and anything and everything which operates on the system of “zeros and ones” is hackable.


 |  6-minute read
Illegal Immigrants, Assam, India, Bangladesh

Why NRC should be extended across all of India

Besides being a security risk, illegal Bangladeshi's influence the polity and eat into the already constrained resources of a developing India.


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UPA, Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Lok Sabha elections 2019

Lok Sabha polls 2019: Why Congress needs to fight and win the battle of perception

It is the infiltration of leftists and atheists in the party which has snatched the Hindu space from the Congress and served it on a platter to the BJP.