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Story Posted on 30-08-2018


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Un report on rohingya crisis, Myanmar genocide, Nobel Peace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi

The silence of Aung San Suu Kyi - Why has Myanmar's leader not been stripped of her Nobel Peace Prize yet?

Aung San refuses to condemn terrible crimes against the Rohingyas, reported now by the UN. Yet, the Peace Prize stays put. The only reason the Peace Prize Committee gives for this is — ‘We just don’t do it’.


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Chenab river, Dams, Hydroelectric project, India-Pakistan

India-Pakistan water talks: Deadlock persists as India snubs Pakistan’s concerns

Pakistan raised objections over a supposed violation of the Indus Water Treaty of 1960.


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Revolution, Beauty and the beast, Liberals, Urban naxal

Why the Naxal is the proverbial Beast

The Beast, or the Naxal, faces a strange trap. Love from Beauty, the liberal, who wishes to appropriate him. Hatred from others who wish to destroy him.


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Technology, Flying taxis, India, Uber flying cabs

Get ready to land on your office rooftops on Uber flying cabs. Now just pray the buildings don't collapse

Uber has selected India as one of the five shortlisted countries that could be home to the first international Uber Air City in the next five years.


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Intellectuals, Urban naxals, Bhima Koregaon, Activists arrested

Those we call 'Urban Maoists' are people who care for others. They are not new. Neither is the crackdown on them.

This article has been co-authored by social activist Swami Agnivesh and former principal of St Stephen's College Valson Thampu.


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Congress, India-france, BJP, Rafale Deal

Rafale deal: Why consensus is better than bitter acrimony

The Congress party tried to gherao the Prime Minister's residence in New Delhi over the Rafale fighter deal and associated allegations of wrong-doing.


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Gadgil report, Western Ghats, Kerala flood relief, Kerala floods

Ecological exploitation of Western Ghats led to Kerala floods. But the worst is yet to come

Political lobbying and opposition from all six states along the ecologically sensitive zone forced the Centre to rethink implementation of Gadgil report.


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Entertainment, Punjabi music, Bollywod, Guru randhawa

Who is Guru Randhawa? Only the most watched Indian singer on YouTube

The 27-year-old has come up with sweet, fun Punjabi hits, that are devoid of vulgarity.


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Human skulls, Vedic culture, Rakhigarhi, Indus Valley Civilisation

4,500-year-old skulls found in Haryana and the truth about Indian civilisation

India Today cover story explores the newest findings that reinforce earlier wisdom that India was essentially a melting pot of cultures.


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Grand Alliance, JD(U), Nitish Kumar, Bihar

BJP-Nitish Kumar finalising seat-sharing in Bihar gives the NDA a head start over the grand alliance

Running high on the Modi wave in 2014, the BJP was able to score more than half the seats in the state, this time though, it faces anti-incumbency and a resurgent opposition.