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Story Posted on 06-09-2018


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Homophobia, News media, Gay sex, Section 377

How we should not have reported on Section 377 being partially struck down

There is so much TV news gets wrong. Every time.


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BJP, Nehru, Randeep singh surjewala, Brahmin dna

Had Randeep Surjewala been in the Congress of 1950s and '60s, he would have been sacked

Jawaharlal Nehru was supportive of reservations for SCs and STs, but instinctively, he was against the quota system.


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Transgenders, Dipak Misra, Supreme Court, Homosexuality

Section 377 struck down: Not just homosexuals, why it is time for everyone to celebrate

This article has been co-authored by DU research fellow Ramanand and Gauri Pande of Center of Policy Research & Governance.


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Freebies, Sachin Pilot, Rajasthan elections, Vasundhara Raje

Free flow of freebies: Vasundhara Raje announces free smartphones. Others are not far behind

The past few state elections show the politics of dole is thriving.


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Excise duty, Arun Jaitley, Petrol prices, Fuel price hike

Why the fuel price hike is not as bad as it looks

According to the Economic Survey 2018, India will need about $4.5 trillion in the next 25 years for infrastructure development.


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Bans, Smoking, Tobacco, Gutkha scam

Gutkha scam: Why nobody cares to see what's inside the tiny packets?

In India, unless you are part of a big scam, you don't get as much attention.


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Dipak Mishra, LGBTQI, Homosexuality, Section 377

'I am not a criminal anymore' - What I saw while covering the historic #Section377Verdict at the Supreme Court

Reporters are generally expected to not take sides covering judgements. Today, however, was special.


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Indian Economy, Lok Sabha 2019 polls, Modi government, Demonetisation

Demonetisation: RBI data on banned currency punctures Modi govt's tall claims

India Today cover story looks at the road ahead after demonetisation and the war against black money.


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Supreme Court, Lgbtq rights, Homosexuality, Section 377

A dark tale from inside the closet: Section 377 has ruined many lives, including those of straight people

People pushed into a corner sometimes hit back. At times, they are so trapped, they don't care who else gets hurt.


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Supreme Court, Homosexuality, Gay sex, Section 377

Section 377 only partially struck down: What still remains criminal under the law?

The court, however, extended the protection of law to those who could become victims of 'unnatural sex'.