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Story Posted on 22-09-2018


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Bhim Army, BSP, Chandrashekhar, Mayawati

Churn in Uttar Pradesh Bahujan politics: Options ahead for Mayawati, Chandrashekhar

The Bhim Army is a threat to the BSP chief. But joining hands with Chandrashekhar has its own pitfalls.


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Malnutrition, Health, Anaemia, Women Empowerment

More than 50% of Indian women are anaemic: Empowerment and ill health can’t go hand in hand

This article was written by Sumitro Roy and Neha Saigal, who work with a project called ‘We Collaborate for Nutrition’, at IPE Global.


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Health, Curd, Milk, Dehydration

Why buttermilk is the best way to fight dehydration

Packed with electrolytes (particularly potassium) and water, chaach has a number of other health benefits too.


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Mangalyaan, Sriharikota, Pslv c-42 mission, Indian space research organisation

Why countries across the world trust ISRO to launch their satellites into space

The Indian Space research Organisation is fast becoming a powerful vehicle of India’s soft power.


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Dollar, Diesel, Current account deficit, Oil

How India can stop the rupee's slide

New Delhi needs to increase exports and find a way to improve its Current Account Deficit.


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PTI, BJP, Narendra Modi, Terrorism

Why India is correct in rejecting Pakistan PM Imran Khan's offer for dialogue

As such, he is in no position to influence, leave alone alter the army's monopoly in shaping the country's foreign policy.


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Mohabbatein, Rahul Gandhi, Rss conclave, Mohan Bhagwat

Why the new Mohan Bhagwat and Rahul Gandhi remind me of SRK and Big B’s Mohabbatein

We don’t yet know about the BJP, but the message of love Rahul gave in Parliament seems to have reached the RSS chief.


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ISRO, Mangalyaan, Mission mars, Bollywood

Why Imran Khan could quit acting

The actor is turning his focus towards direction and will begin his behind-the-screen journey begins with the short film, Mission Mars: Keep Walking India.


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Man in the high castle, TV, Alternate history, Bollywood

Why Bollywood is wary of tackling 'alternate history'

The genre has strangely been ignored by storytellers in India.


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Communal Violence, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, BJP

Could the road to the 2019 elections be paved with communal violence?

Only two scary scenarios face us.