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Story Posted on 25-11-2018


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Ajmal Kasab, Pakistan, ISI, Mumbai terror attacks

Ten years after 26/11, can Mumbai be attacked again?

India has not learnt enough lessons. Pakistan has not paid enough of a price.


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Shiv Sena, BJP, VHP, Ayodhya

Ayodhya show of strength: Shiv Sena scores over VHP’s damp squib

The VHP-RSS failed to give their followers anything new, even as Uddhav took the fight straight to PM Modi’s door.


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Rajasthan Assembly polls, Rajasthan assembly elections, Telangana assembly elections, Chhattisgarh Assembly elections

Assembly polls in 5 states: The three likely outcomes, and why the BJP has much more at stake

If the BJP performs poorly, the aura of ‘invincibility’ is just one of the things it will lose.


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Pornography, Comic-Con, Comics, Censorship

Comics are not children's books. Why outrage over Comic Con handing out 'Saga' to children?

Comic Cons are not Disneyland. Parents should have been more judicious before taking their kids to the Bengaluru event.


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Assembly elections 2018, Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, Congress, BJP

Madhya Pradesh is caught in a caste whirlpool: Which party stands to lose the most

A visit across the state is enough to tell that anti-incumbency will hit the BJP hard. But the anti-BJP mood may not translate into a pro-Congress mood.


 |  Tarar Square  |  7-minute read
Kartarpur corridor, PTI, Pakistan, Imran Khan

Aasia bibi released, opening of Kartarpur corridor: This is how Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan looks like

The government is new, it is untested, it has five years to prove itself, and it has a new test every day.


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Lok Sabha elections 2019, Ayodhya dispute, Babri Masjid, Ram Janmabhoomi

Why the build-up in Ayodhya today is not a celebration of faith

One lakh RSS, One lakh VHP, 500 sainiks — this is coercive and intimidatory.


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Food, Indian Cuisine, Connaught Place, Kwality restaurant

Delhi’s Kwality restaurant: Old favourite gets a new avatar

After a seven-month revamp, the Connaught Place landmark is set to reopen on November 26.