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Story Posted on 16-01-2019


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Hurriyat, Separatists, Kashmir, Shah faesal

What Shah Faesal fails to see: Lives of soldiers and policemen matter more than terrorists’ lives

Shah Faesal’s reasons for quitting the civil services might sound pious, but are crafty and economical with the truth. The best one can say upon his leaving the IAS is, good riddance.


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Horse-Trading, Buta singh, Karnataka, Operation lotus

What is happening in Karnataka is wrong - but Congress has no business crying foul

The Congress has a long and inglorious history of toppling democratic state governments. Alongside, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah should also think of the repercussions of making similar moves.


 |  Below The Belt  |  6-minute read
Beauty standards, Physical Beauty, Facebook, Tenyearchallenge

Women need to ask themselves who they were ten years ago, not how they looked

Instead of talking about how they overcame PCOS, depression or domestic violence, the latest social media trend is making women look back at their old hairstyles or lip colour. That is only one reason why I am staying out of the #tenyearchallenge.


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Sheikh Hasina, Elections, Parliamentary polls, Bangladesh

Fans, Foes, Fundamentalists: How Bangladesh's polity is shaping up after the Parliamentary polls

More powerful than ever before, PM Sheikh Hasina is working overtime to achieve her election objectives. But her dalliances with Islamist parties remain a matter of concern.


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Sree padmanabhaswamy temple, Narendra Modi, Sabarimala temple, Shashi Tharoor

How does it feel, Shashi Tharoor, when you're not 'allowed' to enter a temple?

Shashi Tharoor alleges he could not enter a temple due to PM Modi. But men like Tharoor are blocking women from entering Sabarimala temple. Why should Mr Tharoor claim a right to enter any temple at any time, security protocols notwithstanding?


 |  BREAKING NEWS INTO PIECES  |  3-minute read
BJP, Karnataka, Operation lotus, Hd kumaraswamy

To be a Karnataka MLA: A job that requires you to be on holiday

It must be stressful being a people’s representative. Thank God Karnataka’s MLAs, mostly seen in five-star resorts, don’t crack under the strain.


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2019 Lok Sabha elections, Hd kumaraswamy, BS Yeddyurappa, Karnataka

Operation Lotus redux: Why BJP is so desperate to regain Karnataka

The BJP knows quite well the embarrassment of a failed attempt is a small price to pay for a major shot at 2019.


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Shahi Snan, Kumbh 2019, Namami Gange, BJP

First shahi snan at Kumbh concludes successfully: What is shahi snan, and its significance

The tradition goes back centuries.


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Bhadra the dog, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, Animal Rights, Animal rape

56-inch chests and mini-atmas: As violence against animals sweeps across India, not one leader speaks for the most voiceless

Mahatma Gandhi said a nation is judged by how it treats its animals. As puppies are bludgeoned to death and little goats raped, the Mahatma would be appalled by the silence of the mini-atmas leading us today.


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Twitter Reactions, Gillette, Mansplaining, Bullying

Shave off toxic masculinity: Gillette just showed us there's room for change

If the erstwhile torchbearers of the alpha-male can ponder and re-evaluate their stance, why can't you?