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Story Posted on 20-01-2019


 |  6-minute read
BJP, Rahul Gandhi, 2019 general elections, Narendra Modi

5 reasons why Modi could end up as Leader of Opposition in 2019

The silver lining for Modi comes in two shades of grey — one of which is Rahul Gandhi.


 |  6-minute read
Mahagathbandhan, Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati, Akhilesh Yadav

Why Akhilesh Yadav is willing to step back to accommodate Bua Mayawati's demands

Despite the newfound bonhomie, the two leaders are very different in terms of experience, style of functioning and ideology.


 |  Below The Belt  |  7-minute read
Sexism, Misogyny, Jadavpur University, কনক সরকার

Sex Scene: Are Indian men incapable? Of controlling their sexual fantasies and brutish frustrations?

Is Professor Kanak Sarkar a symptom of a rampant desi mard chauvinism that wants a virgin to wed, and other women to molest outside the homestead?


 |  Shorts In The Dark  |  4-minute read
Music, Soundcloud, New Delhi, Music bands

How three men are defining music in Delhi

These are men who have redefined men in a city of harshness, of unpleasantness.


 |  Aage Se Right  |  6-minute read
Hindutva, Narendra Modi, Tulsi gabbard, Audrey trushke

Why we should question scholar Audrey Trushke’s dislike for Tulsi Gabbard (and Narendra Modi)

Trushke, through her book on Aurangzeb, taught us that to evaluate a person, we need to put them in context, which can include family ties. A similar evaluation of Trushke's views shows interesting results.


 |  5-minute read
One day cricket, India australia one day, Cricket, MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is not just a cricketer. He is a cricketing phenomenon

MS Dhoni has not sacrificed his humility at the altar of adulation. A folk hero now, he is still the world-famous next-door neighbor to many in Ranchi.


 |  4-minute read
Dalits, BJP, Sadhana singh, Mayawati

UP MLA says Mayawati 'worse than eunuch'. This shows how badly a Dalit ki Beti scares the BJP!

As Mayawati is back with a bang in 2019's political war, expect more abuse for a Dalit woman ‘who has forgotten her place’ — and sent her opponents into panic attacks.


 |  3-minute read
Jammu and Kashmir, Militancy in kashmir, Shah faesal, Kashmiri Pandits

Gone with the icy wind: Four reasons why Kashmiri Pandits will never return to Kashmir

The sanctimony around 'the return of the Kashmiri Pandits' is just that: sanctimony. The locals are actually not unhappy they left. And the KPs, who know this, know they cannot return.


 |  Tarar Square  |  7-minute read
Sexual harassment, #MeToo, Masnplaining, Patriarchy

Something finally changed: Why I too believe in the 'best in men', like Gillette

You can be six feet tall, eat fries and chocolates like fast food is going out of fashion, think the new girl in class is super pretty. You still know how not to feel gender-superior.


 |  3-minute read
Koffee With Karan, Bollywood, Kartik aaryan, Sara ali khan

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan: Is this Bollywood's dating 2.0?

Or, just a clever trick to create a hit Bollywood pair like SRK-Kajol?