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Story Posted on 05-02-2019


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Bill Gates, Money, Tim Cook, Microsoft

Satya Nadella turned a tired Microsoft around. Why hasn't his pay kept pace?

Despite reinventing Microsoft as a major player in the cloud and server space, the soft-spoken, cricket-loving India-born techie remains one of the most underpaid CEOs in the tech world. Why so?


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Lok Sabha elections, 2019 general elections, Indira Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi

Congress' Sanjeevani Booti: Priyanka Gandhi is the life-giving magical herb her party needs

Priyanka has shown enormous guts in tough times. Her decision to formally join the Congress when it is going through one of its hardest moments is a testament to her grit, and her ability to change Indian politics.


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Lok Sabha election 2019, Mamata banerjee dharna, Saradha Scam, Chit fund scam

My first job was with a chit fund-owned media house. Here are three lessons I learnt

It was good news. Our cash-strapped newspaper was finally getting a financier. Or, was it?


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2019 Lok Sabha elections, Mamata vs cbi, West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee's Didigiri: The journey from slaying the red dragon in Bengal to taking the PM head-on

Didi refuses to crumple before a challenge. On the contrary, she is ready to take on anyone who comes in her way. So is she on the her way to becoming India's first Bengali PM?


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Mamata banerjee dharna, Lok Sabha elections 2019, West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee

Mission 272 with Rajdeep Sardesai: 'How's the Josh' in Mamata Banerjee's West Bengal?

Narendra Modi has his eyes on West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has hers on the Centre. And we have our eyes on them.


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Porn ban, Khajuraho, Sanskaar, Bhajan

Porn vs Piety: This sanskaari app is putting the 'Om' in 'orgasm'!

Porn addiction is a disease. And only the gods can save you!


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Sharda scam, West Bengal, CBI, Mamata Banerjee

Narendra Modi's 'surgical strike' goes astray, but Mamata Banerjee is no moral victor either

Bengal will be a major battlefield in 2019 and the Modi vs Didi clash so far shows the gloves are off and the fight will only get nastier. Alongside, the rhetoric will grow more pious.


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Mamata banerjee dharna, Bengal, British Raj, Mamata Banerjee

PoliticO: Kolkata vs Delhi has a long Bengali history

Mamata Banerjee is now tapping into Bengal's political tradition of telling Delhi's powers where to get off.


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National aquatic animal, Brahmaputra, Ganga, Sunderbans

Almost gone: How the Gangetic Dolphin is struggling to cope with the Ganga's increasing salinity

The national aquatic animal population is taking its last breaths and we all are culpable of its mass murder.


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Mental Health, Video Games, GTA, Dcpr

Why India is wrong in calling for a PUBG ban

Authorities have listed PUBG and other games as 'harmful to children'. But they are wrong.