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Story Posted on 09-02-2019


 |  Eye In The Sky  |  5-minute read
Sexism, Racism, Koofee with karan, Hardik Pandya

In the sanctimonious furore over Liam Neeson and Hardik Pandya, we have only exposed our bigotry

The self-righteousness with which we judge everyone is doing anything but creating an equal place, or a better space. It is simply making people shut up about the way they think or feel.


 |  4-minute read
Fashion, Art, Textile, Saree

Meet the Baluchar: India's most stunning heritage Saree

A new volume 'Baluchars: The Woven Narrative Silks of Bengal' explores the rich cultural threads that go into the making of the famed Baluchar.


 |  4-minute read
Development, United india rally, Opposition unity, Mamata Banerjee

‘Vikas’ take a backseat as the Prime Minister sharpens his attack on the Opposition

An analysis of the Prime Minister's speeches reveals a change in the narrative from development to scathing verbal attacks on the Opposition.


 |  3-minute read
Flipkart, Lok Sabha 2019 polls, Retail, BJP

How the Indian government threw Walmart a Googly!

Walmart faces stringent government regulations just a few months after it bought Flipkart. The timing is crucial. Will it faze the US giant?