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Story Posted on 13-02-2019


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Muslim vote, BJP, Congress, Democracy

Lok Sabha Match-Making: How Rahul Gandhi needs to choose the best political partners to swing 2019

The Congress is reaching out to a range of caste groups. It will also ask all its top leaders to contest the Lok Sabha polls; Digivijaya Singh has reportedly said he will stand against PM Modi.


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Ecological religion, Tree monks, Tree saints, Reforestation

How the Buddhist monks of Thailand and Cambodia are fighting the logging industry, one 'holy' tree at a time

After extensive deforestation in Thailand and Cambodia between 1961 and 1998, a unique trend has emerged: Buddhists monks are now bestowing monk-hood onto trees, in the effort to save them.


 |  8-minute read
Mob violence, Lynchings, Social Media, Fake news

When a team of police officers fought a pitched battle against social media-fuelled violence and won

IPS officer Rema Rajeshwari writes of what she learnt about the deadly dangers of digital illiteracy, and what can be done to control it.


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Mahabharata, Ramayana, Draupadi, Sita

Sita and Draupadi: What their similarities and differences tell us

Even today, every woman reader can find a bit of herself in both these heroines.


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Opposition alliance, 2019 general elections, Narendra Modi, Mulayam Singh Yadav

Mulayam Singh bats for PM Modi to return to power: Why this is just the boost BJP needed

Mulayam’s open support for Modi in Parliament helps BJP challenge the narrative that the party has been deserted by all leaders and parties.


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Sushil doshi, Jhumritelaiya, Nostalgia, Radio

World Radio Day: From ‘song requests’ to ‘cricket commentary’ how radio made everything better

On World Radio Day, here's re-visiting the wooden box that once was as essential as roti, kapda and makaan in the middle-class household in India.


 |  The Castaways  |  4-minute read
New Delhi, India Art Fair, Gallery ske, Sunil padwal

Wherein lies continue: An antidote to emptiness via canvases full of memories

Sunil Padwal exhibited his solo work last month prior to the Art Fair. For him, objects, from an old radio to clothes hangers, evoke fleeting memories, emotions and worlds we once inhabited.


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Narendra Modi, BJP, Bajrang Dal, UK

Tudder is the Tinder for cows: This Valentine's Day, will the real gau rakshak please stand up?

Called Tudder, the application is essentially Tinder for cows, promising them virtually unlimited partners to breed (read: hook up). Culture police says, not cool.


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Psychopathic behaviour, Animal Cruelty, Psychological health

Why do some of us enjoy torturing animals? And is there a way out of such darkness?

The abuse of animals in recent times, ranging from physical to sexual, goes way beyond sane imagination. As the brutality of such incidents shocks, it is time to address what is causing this depravity.


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Caste based reservation, History, Gurjar-pratiharas, Gujjar Agitation

Gujjar quota stir: Today’s protesters are descendants of the Gurjar-Pratiharas, once among India's grandest empires

They once held sway over great expanses and wielded huge power. But the British classifying the Gurjars as “Criminal Tribes” because of their participation in the Revolt of 1857 deterred their progress.