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Story Posted on 20-02-2019


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Army, Martyrs, Online activism, Pulwama terrorist attack

Cyber soldiers want war as retribution for Pulwama. That's because they know they won't suffer for it

Only those who know they will not face enemy guns are shouting for battle with Pakistan. In reality, how many of these people has ever helped a martyr's family get even a due pension without a fight?


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ISIS, Pakistan, Pulwama terrorist attack, India-China Relations

How a bomb in Iran and bombast from Donald Trump are part of the Pulwama backdrop

The US ‘condemning’ Pulwama is not enough. Given a range of complex new threats, India needs to keep its eyes, and its options, open.


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Congress, BJP, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah

Post-Pulwama: The tough questions Rahul Gandhi must ask PM Modi now

He's maintained a respectful silence over the appalling Pulwama attack, but it's time the Congress leader asked PM Modi some uncomfortable questions.


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Nostalgia, Spices, Indian cooking, Salt

Salt is the teaspoon of perspective life needs. No more, no less

The uniqueness of salt is that it is both category and singular spice. While we may all have nostalgic recollections of mustard oil or turmeric, salt offers a static point of reference.


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Hollwyood, Bollywood Gossip, Ipl after party

The aftermath of the after-party: How the exciting 'after-party' has evolved over the decades

Everybody wants to be at an after-party. But only a select few get that entry pass. So what is so special about it?


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Pakistan, India, Terrorism, Pulwama terrorist attack

Pulwama and After: Should India go to war with Pakistan?

Army operations can’t be allowed to degenerate into political theatre. But equally, we can’t watch hand-tied as atrocities are perpetrated on us. What then is the solution?


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Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Narendra Modi, Mohammed bin salman

As PM Modi hosts Pakistan’s best friend Mohammed bin Salman, why is the RSS silent?

Virat Hindus routinely target Muslims within India. But they are apparently happy to see the red carpet rolled out for Saudi Arabia's crown prince. This, less than a week after the dastardly Pulwama attack.


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Adil ahmed dar, Jaish-e-mohammed, Sedition, War mongering

Pulwama Terror Attack: Fight Pakistan, but fight these internal battles too

Armchair war-mongers, opportunist nationalists, seditionists — India must win several mini-battles to win the final war.


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Discounts, Review, Price, Specifications

Asus Zenfone Max M2: The good, the bad and the ugly

The Zenfone Max M2 is an interesting option for buyers in the segment, and as such, is worth taking a closer look at. Here's our take on it.


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Bangladesh, Pulwama terrorist attack, Indira Gandhi, 1971 Indo-Pak war

When India brought Pakistan to its knees: How the 1971 war was fought and won

As TV studios drum up hysteria today, a look-back at how a decisive victory was executed in saner times by a PM who exemplified calm under fire.