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Story Posted on 23-02-2019


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Surgical Stirke, Pakistan terrorism, Indian armed forces, Pulwama terrorist attack

Rushing into a hasty or poorly planned war will not fully avenge Pulwama, nor serve our long-term interests

India must be a rare nation where politicians and not the Service Chiefs get to decide about wars. It's vital now the decision is made with caution, and above public or media pressure to just rush in.


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Drug abuse in school students, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction, Drug Abuse

The age of haze: From weed to vaping, how our school kids are getting stoned today

Drug cartels have set their eyes on our teens today, and these young students are increasingly vulnerable to substance abuse, owing to peer pressure and parental neglect.


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Drama, Comedy, Action, Movies

Ajay Devgn: Bollywood's man for all roles

Devgn is among the most successful stars in the Hindi film industry. But his track record reveals his consistent growth as an actor, risking most unusual roles over the years.


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Cinema, Dev Anand, Guide, Bollywood

Goldie Anand: One of the few 'complete' filmmakers of the Indian film industry

Remembering the master storyteller of Indian cinema on his 15th death anniversary.


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Congress, Narendra Modi, BJP, China

Post Pulwama: What India can learn from the terrorist attack

Any idea of India must contain its sense of China and Pakistan. Only with such a scenario can we survive in peace and confidence.


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Ban pakistani cricket, Pulwama terror attack, ICC World Cup, India vs Pakistan

No play with Pakistan: We Indians must choose between national pride and our martyrs' sacrifice versus a game of cricket

If Pakistan plays the World Cup, India withdraws. We owe this to our own sense of nationhood and our brave-hearts. If we unite in this spirit, our win will be much bigger than any World Cup.


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Rahul Gandhi, Congress, BJP, Narendra Modi

Can Pulwama alter the discourse of India's politics?

Despite terrorism being a political issue, our major parties need to resist playing games over it.