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Story Posted on 01-03-2019


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Indira Gandhi, Congress, Dynasty politics, Priyanka gandhi vadra

Lok Sabha 2019: Why I think the Congress is making an error by fore-fronting Priyanka Gandhi

There are strong reasons why to many Priyanka appears a reluctant politician. And the Congress looks pushed to the wall, pushing her to head its political war.


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Abhinandan vardhman, Balakot air strike, Air strike, Pulwama terrorist attack

PoliticO: What's next for India and Pakistan?

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is home. But where does that leave Indo-Pak relations?


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Bishop franco mulakkal, Child sexual abuse, Pope Francis, Catholic Church

Pope Francis talks of ‘all-out’ battle against child sexual abuse: Is the Catholic Church in India listening?

Two recent cases in Kerala seem to suggest that the Church was interested in protecting the guilty, rather than standing up for the abused and the most vulnerable.


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Diplomacy, Xi Jinping, Terrorism, Jaish-e-mohammed

Why China is far from being a 'normal' state

Under the prevailing circumstances, it is difficult for India to maintain healthy relations with China. The establishment in Beijing should realise this.


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Pakistan, Organisation of islamic cooperation, Oic meet, Sushma Swaraj

How Sushma Swaraj quoted the Quran and Mahatma Gandhi to convey India’s message to the OIC

Swaraj has carried to the world New Delhi’s message of peace, with a firm warning that a violation of India’s borders will not be tolerated. In delivering a tough message with grace, the minister has impressed again


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Nirupa roy, Cinema, Bollywood, Dina pathak

Dina Pathak: The onscreen mother who refused to be a weeping victim

March 4 is her 97th birth anniversary. Remembering the wonderful actor whose humour and warmth animated any character she played.


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Iaf air strike, Pulwama, Abhinandan vardhman video, Abhinandan vardhman

What IAF air-strikes in Balakot and their aftermath teach us

There are several crucial learnings here, including the truth that wars are not fought in newsrooms and India’s anger against Pakistan cannot turn inwards.


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Globalisation, Finance, India, EU

Why Brexit is bad news for the UK and the rest of the world

Economic uncertainty aside, Brexit has made the UK seem increasingly intolerant and inward-looking. No wonder crucial events in Kashmir have not evoked much thought from its leadership today.


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Cinema, Bollywood, Kesari, Akshay kumar

Akshay Kumar: His amazing versatility ensures the khiladi, starring now in 'Kesari', still leads the game

As the three Big Khans struggle to snap out of their own larger-than-life persona, Kumar has been constantly re-inventing his abilities, while staying firmly himself.


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Pakistan, Masood Azhar, Pulwama, Jamaat-e-Islami

Why Centre banning J&K’s Jamaat-e-Islami under UAPA is highly significant

The very day the ban was imposed, the Pakistan-based terror wing of Jamaat started issuing threats.