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Story Posted on 06-03-2019


 |  3-minute read
Environmental damage, Chemical cleaners, Infertility

Not as virile anymore? Blame those chemicals you cleaned your house with

Next time you are not able to "perform", blame those cleaners, paints and beauty aides — they have been degrading not only your fertility but also that of your dog.


 |  4-minute read
Amazon prime, The end, Sooryavanshi, Kesari

Akshay Kumar sets himself on fire. And memes set Twitter ablaze!

There's a fire, burning on Akshay Kumar. No, really!


 |  Food Fables  |  8-minute read
Nawab cuisine, Traditional dish, Khichdi, Rampur

The perfect khichdi: A dish that opens the door to a Rampuri's heart

To refuse a Khichdi Dawat in Rampur is to rebuff an extended arm of friendship. What makes this urad daal and rice dish so iconic though?


 |  5-minute read
Relationships, Sexual identities, Sex, Homosexuality

Who are 'Autosexuals’?

And why this version of loving yourself could be cool, if done with reason. And style!


 |  5-minute read
Indian Army, Beef Ban, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS

RSS' vegetarian army, in times of conflict with Pakistan and China

Which army is currently protecting India’s borders — the vegetarian RSS army or the multi-cuisine, multicultural Indian army? And who can do a better job?


 |  4-minute read
Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Shamsul islam, Indian Muslims, Partition

The Bullies of Partition: How the Muslim League silenced the majority of Indian Muslims strongly opposed to the creation of Pakistan

The Muslim League unleashed a reign of terror that attacked secular leaders such as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. In their aggression, they often found support from the British, the Hindu right-wing, even sections of the Congress.


 |  4-minute read
Iaf airstrikes, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Congress, Amrinder singh

IAF air-strikes: By putting the nation above petty politics, Amarinder Singh has shown he's an officer, a gentleman and a true leader

It is imperative for people, politicians included, to support the government on matters of national security. Singh knows that well and has repeatedly walked his talk.